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RETURN TO MAIN SHOW PAGE Timothy Saunders’ Items:  Click on Images to Enlarge Subject 01 / 19.5Km_Time Capsule Moon Study 1- MOON STUDY     2- MOON STUDY     3-  MOON STUDY     4- MOON STUDY     5- MOON STUDY     Subject 02 / Ultima Thule_Geodesic Dome Study 6- Ultima Thule Image     6B-  UltimaThule (Courtesy Keith Laney)     7-  BB8 Composite     8- Cake Bundt     9- Geodesic Eden Project     10- Geodesic Geometry Gif     11- Photo Surface Details     12-3D Geodesic Study     13- 3D Geodesic Study + Surface Details     14- White Ring / RCH Image of Ultima Thule     15- Cluster 1     16- Cluster 2     17- Cluster 3     18- Cluster 4     19- Cluster 5     20- Cluster 6   Andrew Currie’s Items:  […]

Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: The US Government — with all its complex network of far-flung federal agencies, spread across the United States and the entire world  — was officially “closed” for the past 35 days … beginning, December 21, 2018, and ending only yesterday, Friday, January 23, 2019. This, of course, included NASA, for all but “essential” mission operations (ISS, key planetary fly-bys — such as Ultima Thule, Bennu) — and activities involving human safety and security. However, during those 35 “dark days,” startling new images — from several NASA (and other nations’) unmanned spacecraft, spread out across the solar system — continued to arrive back on Earth by radio telemetry, of a variety of solar system objects that are clearly, now– Incredibly ancient … and … incredibly artificial! Tonight, on “The Other Side of Midnight,” the Enterprise Imaging Team will show what you’ve missed– While […]

Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: Ultima Thule — the 4-billion-mile-distant-fly-by objective, in the predawn darkness of January 1, 2019, of NASA’s already historic “New Horizons” mission — turns out to be nothing less than– A ~21-mile-long, incredibly ancient, incredibly-eroded, dumbbell-shaped spaceship! The Enterprise Imaging Team made that bold prediction, before the fly-by, just last weekend … and it has now come true. Tonight, we’re gonna prove to you just “how” … and how NASA seems to be trying to “stall” ALL further close-up New Horizons’ imaging releases of this extraordinary artifact … while they “think of something to explain it all away” …. Or– While they’re preparing for “the most mind-boggling press conference in the history of NASA”– When (finally) they are forced by the scientific evidence to admit The Extraordinary Truth. Join us … as we sort out “which is which.” Richard C. Hoagland     […]

  Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: Is NASA about to unveil — and on live television — another “artificial world?!” A little over 48 hours from tonight, at 12:33 AM EST January 1, 2019 — just after the Ball drops above Times Square, signaling the Ritual Beginning of another planetary trek around the Sun — NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will hurtle past an interplanetary ~19.5-mile-wide “speck,” lost in the darkness 4 billion miles from the center of the solar system, a speck called hauntingly by NASA– “Ultima Thule.” Already, in New Horizons’ cameras, this “farthest object ever visited by Man” (according to NASA’s enthusiastic press release) is revealing a remarkable “anomaly” — never seen in any other natural object in the solar system. Ultima Thula does NOT appear to be rotating! Which, of course, is impossible …. Unless– Ultima Thula is NOT “a natural object.” Join us […]

The Presidential Briefing Enterprise Mission video briefing for the President of the United States on “extraterrestrial ruins in the solar system” —  Delivered through back channels to the White House on request, November 14, 2018. Trailer: Imagine, if … single-handily … you could change History. It works like this: On this page, is located a link for ordering “The Presidential Briefing.” Order it … watch it …. Watch it again. Then … begin Tweeting — to your family … to your friends … to your “friends of friends” … to– The President of the United States. Why? Because, what you just ordered — and watched … and watched again — is nothing less than the SAME Briefing that was sent to the President from The Enterprise Mission just a couple weeks ago (per White House request, through a “back channel source”)– November 14, 2018. Now it’s your turn …. For […]