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Richard’s Items: 1. Sports star Travis Rudolph joins autistic boy for lunch           2.  SpaceX Rocket Explosion Destroys Facebook Internet Satellite           3. Hispanic supporters flee Donald Trump’s campaign after fiery immigration speech             Lori’s Items: Lori with Horse 2               2. Lori & Kiko Talking           3. Dolphins under our flippers at the side of the boat             Lori Spagna radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences while living in Maui.  She is a best selling author of the book, ‘How Psychic Are You?: 7 Simple Steps to Unlocking Your Psychic Potential’ as well as ‘Animals in the Afterlife’ and ‘Learn Animal Communication’, as well as the author of the upcoming book, ‘2 Years in Maui’. Lori has over 20 years […]

Richard’s Items 1.40,000 Homes Impacted by Deadly Flooding in Louisiana 2. Schneider: In Milwaukee shooting, consider the officer 3. ‘McLaughlin Group’ host John McLaughlin dead at 89             4. U.S. Runner Abbey D’Agostino Shows True Olympic Spirit After Helping Rival Cross Finish Line After Mid-Race Collision 5. Roger Ailes Is Advising Donald Trump Ahead of Presidential Debates 6. Michael Moore Says He Knows “For a Fact” Donald Trump Does Not Want to Be President 7. Here Are the Books on President Obama’s Summer Reading List                 Robert’s Item: 1. New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric  Tim Saunders is a British national who grew-up near to the south-coast of the United Kingdom. Positively influenced by the nearby yachting and shipping scene, he chose his ideal career path at the age of ten when he decided […]

Richard’s Items 1. Big Lebowski’ Actor David Huddleston Dies At 85 2. Russian Diplomat In Rio Shoots, Kills Robber During Mugging 3. Donald Trump Never Saw ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video: Campaign   Greg’s Items 1. Obama Denies $400 mil payment to Iran was ransom 2. 3. 4.Clintons Batoning 4.a           4.b             5.           6. Hillary Request for approval  Asked about lying head shaking and RFA 7. Hillary Lena 8.Nasty Hillary Baseline 9. On STAGE all product 10. Trump Baseline 11. On Stage   12.     26: – 36 –  quite embarrassing 1:16-1:22 – can’t keep living like this 1:31-1:36 – Ozzy – some days good 1:40-1:48 – dirty dog   Gregory Hartley’s expertise as a human behavior expert began with a career as a decorated military interrogator and led to business success effecting cultural and transactional transformation for multi-billion dollar global companies. […]

Richard’s Items: 1. 11 Dallas Officers Shot, 4 Dead in Shooting as Protest Ended 2. 3. 4. From Greg Ahrens: According to a quote from Mayor of Dallas the four DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) officers were shot at 8:58 pm (CDT).   At that time Aldebaran was minus 33º below NW. Sirius was minus 32º below Due West.   From 9:01 to 9:04 Sirius was minus 33º below Due West.   From 9:05 to 9:12 the Belt Stars were minus 39º below WNW. All times CDT, all observations from Dallas.   The intersection where the police were battling the snipers was at Main Street, and North Lamar Street, four blocks East of Dealey Plaza, and about five blocks from the Texas School Book Depository.   Debra’s Items: 1. FBI’S HILLARY DECISION ALL PART OF JUBILEE PLAN TOWARDS GREATER CHAOS 2. Operation “Summer of Chaos” exposed: Obama Admin, Soros, Black Lives Matter, plan to activate martial law before General Election revealed 3. Hacked […]