The Presidential Briefing – Enterprise Mission video briefing for the President of the United States on “extraterrestrial ruins in the solar system”

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The Presidential Briefing

Enterprise Mission video briefing for the President of the United States on “extraterrestrial ruins in the solar system”

— Delivered through back channels to the White House on request,
November 14, 2018.

Imagine, if … single-handily … you could change History.

It works like this:

On this page, is located a link for ordering “The Presidential Briefing.”

Order it … watch it ….

Watch it again.

Then … begin Tweeting — to your family … to your friends … to your “friends of friends” … to–

The President of the United States.


Because, what you just ordered — and watched … and watched again — is nothing less than the SAME Briefing that was sent to the President from The Enterprise Mission just a couple weeks ago (per White House request, through a “back channel source”)–

November 14, 2018.

Now it’s your turn ….

For you see, this Briefing is three and a half HOURS of extraordinary, mind-blowing, official NASA imagery of “ancient ET RUINS in the solar system” … long-suppressed by NASA (working on the orders of the Deep State) from the people of the world — beginning, with the Moon and Mars ….

As a builder for over half-a-century, the President KNOWS “ruins” when he sees them — having created a LOT of them … as, in his earliest career, he repeatedly tore down massive New York skyscrapers … and then rebuilt them.

He’ll recognize REAL ruins … even those NOT on this planet, but on the Moon and Mars (!), where — according to NASA — there CANNOT possibly be any such “artificial ruins” ….

There are … and, once he sees them … because of his unique background … the President will KNOW.

But ONLY … if he takes the time to watch his Briefing Video!

That’s where YOU come in ….

Your mission (should you choose to accept it …) is to watch “the Presidential Briefing” video yourself … and … when you feel you’ve become familiar with the extraordinary NASA data that’s presented … you WRITE to the President of the United States, on Twitter … and you DEMAND — as an American citizen whose “extraordinary ancient heritage has literally been stolen by the Deep State” — that, he “take the time to watch HIS copy!”

That’s all you have to do … to change the world.

For, if you can get the President to watch … and then, to call “his” NASA (as Chief of the Executive Branch, under which NASA is directed) — and then, the President DEMANDS that NASA “bring to the Oval office the REAL IMAGES of structures on the Moon and Mars” they have been suppressing from the American people for over 50 years–

You WILL have changed the world.

I dare you …. 🙂

Richard C. Hoagland


Enterprise Mission Independent Research Team:

Keith Laney, Robert Harrison, Kynthea, Wil Farrar,
Andrew Currie, Tim Saunders, Keith Morgan




There will be no DVD at this time.


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  1. Warren Pierce says:

    ULTIMA THULE looks more like a derelict spacecraft, the more data we get ! The flatter section looks like a saucer separated from its drive engines and now docked for repairs.

  2. Sandy Barham says:

    I have been spending a lot of time reviewing mars images and am convinced there are cultural items and aqauatic species fossils. I would very much like to see the images in this presentation.

  3. i need to watch it now

7 Comments so far:

  1. Elizabeth Lee says:

    I missed it due to tornadoes and crazy storms in my area.

  2. Candi Bangles says:

    Outer space is the mocking bird, it doesn’t exist! Look at Von Braun’s epitaph! Stars can’t be reached by spaceships, you just walk through a door! all the NASA iconography features gods and goddess from ancient civilisations that all believed the earth was flat with a firmament above, they are mocking you! the ancient alien structures are here on earth, they’re made of earth! We are the aliens, hyper dimensional is where you should be looking, the thing that is coming is coming through the door, not from outer space, outer space is the mocking bird, space force is the mocking bird, global warming due to man is the mocking bird, The ice sheets are melting, the door Is no longer frozen shut! 

    • Seeking More says:

      Candi Bangles. I agree with what you re saying and it seems my quest to learn more I keep seeing the term dimensional or hyper dimensional as you have stated. However, I am having trouble finding quality information on the subject (Books, videos, or otherwise.) Could you point me in the right direction or have any recommendations? Would really appreciate it.
      Thank you

  3. H. Carl Sperr III says:

    Hi Richard, it seems odd to me that George Noory never mentions you anymore!  Did something happen between you 2?
    H. Carl Sperr III

    • ronaldhamelin says:

      yes…something did happen…on the air live…it wasnt pretty… george noory was very rude to richard that night…noory was very heated ,said some unprofessional things about richard…the next night richard was replaced…broke my heart…never listened to noory again on purpose…

  4. Sujano says:

    I wonder why nobady talks about the secret space program that the NASA is covering up with these crambs. The info is out there for 4-5 years now. Please, make a program about that! The nazis are out there sucking the juice out of here. Do U wonder where all the gold went? Do you think it’s intergalactic comodity?
    Those people up there are the same immoral ,lowlife übermensch who started the world wars down here.
    They are making a mess ones again. Please start talk about that! Search 20 and back, mars defence force, Tony Rodrigues, Randy Cramer, see where it takes U!
    Ruins? Are U kidding?

  5. gene galka says:

    I find this information very fulfilling to the extent it is true.
    Evolution of mankind on the planet Earth is necessary and I believe to be beneficial.
    Please send me the required invoice to order this briefing.
    Thank You, with respect. 
    Gene P. Galka

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