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Curtis Hedges did an amazing job filling in for Citizen Scientist, Dave Shock of CubeSat 4, who landed up in the hospital with a concussion. Curtis shared some amazing inventions that operate contrary to Newtonian physics. Breakthroughs that will revolutionize science as we know it.

Curtis Hedges Websites:  http://cubesat.tech   TBLNFilms.com

Curtis Hedges is an eminent UFO researcher, a pioneer Bboy judge, a TV/film producer, a sales and marketing expert and a philanthropist at heart. Curtis is accredited with many “first accomplishments” from his respective fields of study.

Executive Director for CubeSat 4 / Disclosure. CubeSat 4 is the first satellite project of its kind. The goal is to expose to the general public a live uncensored video feed from outer space accompanied with other data such as radiation and telemetry to name a few. Low earth orbit launch through interorbitalservices.com scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2018. Communications and line of sight support through Global Star Communications.

President of TBLNFilms.com:  He set the strategy for marketing all of TBLNFilms.com properties and spearhead development, acquiring new talent, content acquisitions, creative, and legal affairs.

Co-Founder / Sales Manger for Dimensions VR Systems, a manufacture brand and content developer of VR Arcade amusement systems.Featured is the first 4D Virtual Reality simulator in America with 14 unique experiences for VR Arcades.

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