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Tonight my guest, Gordon White, and I are going to tackle the sticky subject of–   Panspermia.   The deliberate “seeding” of biological life amid the stars ….   The recent, remarkable fly-by of the interstellar mystery object “‘Oumuamua” — and all the hype surrounding it, including a sudden “mainstream listening effort” — to see if it is actually some kind of “advance probe” from another civilization in a distant solar system — has once again raised anticipation that Humanity is on the verge of … “something” … game changing.   But–   Will we recognize real “aliens” when we see them?   Tune-in for some remarkable new developments in virology … organic chemistry … and basic human genetics … that is changing how we even view possible life across the stars–   And how many Earthly myths — in cultures spanning the diversity from ancient Egypt to Australian aborigines — may […]

  Richard’s Items: 1. Game On! 2016 Olympics Underway After Bumpy Start From Greg Ahrens: Brief analysis of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: When the cauldron was lit with the Olympic Flame and raised to its upmost position in front of the SPINNING mirror-chandelier, SIRIUS was at minus 33 degrees below the Southeast horizon from Rio de Janeiro. It was lit at 23:20 EDT 5 August 2016, 00:20 Rio Time, 03:20 UTC 6 August, (or maybe it was 19.5 minutes after the hour) The flaming cauldron was fully raised and the finale fireworks and lightshow on the stadium roof took place at 23:28 EDT, 00:28 Rio Time, 03:28 UTC. Note, the Games were officially declared open at 00:08 (12:08 AM) 6 August 2016 Rio Time. Contrast with the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan at 08:15 (UTC plus 9), Japan time 6 August 1945, 71 years ago to the day. The Opening Ceremonies and […]

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Richard’s Items 1. Can This Campaign Be Saved? GOP Scrambles To ‘Reset’ Trump. 2.  Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA): What’s So Special About Its Lithium-ion Battery Factory? 3. 2016 Summer Olympics: Athletes Will Swim In Dangerous Rio Filth, AP Investigation Finds 4. Tony Bennett Celebrates 90th Birthday 5. Moon Express Becomes First Private Company To Get US Approval For Lunar Mission Brandt’s Items                                                                                                                                                                                   […]

  Richard’s Items: 1. Khizr Khan: Trump Has A Black Soul 2.  3.   Dr. Pincus’ Items 1. Dr. Pincus’ Slides 1.           2.           3.           4.           5.             David Pincus, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Crean School of Health and Life Sciences, Chapman University. Dr. David Pincus is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice and associate professor of clinical and health psychology in the Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at Chapman University in Orange, California, USA.  He first became interested in Chaos Theory in a high school physics class while growing up in Mequon Wisconsin.  The year was 1986, and while searching for articles in the school library for oral reports, his friend Chuck Gould showed him a cover article in Scientific […]

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Richard’s Items 1.  2. Support Superconducting Levitation Thruster project on Indiegogo 3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  40º46’09.35?S, 71º39’39.22?W Walter’s Items Website: Empire of the Wheel   Books: Walter Bosley on Amazon Walter Bosley was born in San Diego but was quickly transported to Mothman country when his dad packed up the family to return to his hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia, where Walter spent the first few years of his life before returning to Southern California. Strange tales of the mysterious Indrid Cold were part of the lore of Walter’s childhood, along with horror movies at the drive-in and UFOs. Aside from a second brief try at West Virginia, Walter grew up in the Inland Empire about which he would write many years later. Walter returned to San Diego for college and then briefly worked as a production assistant in the film industry until his mentor got a hold of him and aimed Walter […]