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RCH’s Items 1.  Will’s Items 1. 2. 3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  Special Guest: Will Farrar Website: Will Farrar grew up in Maryland where he started his career in technology at the young age of 16 and is currently the Information Technology Director for a national healthcare company as well as the man behind the Space Anomaly YouTube Channel WhatsUpInTheSky37 and the website He attributes his keen eye for spotting anomalies in imagery to his fascination with images returned from various spacecrafts as well as his travels around the United States visiting various national and state parks. Will is also known for applying various technological approaches in his hunt for anomalies in space imagery that has helped make his case of obfuscation in the past.  Will is also an accomplished musician and artist. Fire up your communicators, vintage or recent, and jump right in with your questions, comments, ideas, input, guest suggestions, theories, notions and […]

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Richard’s Items 30th Anniversary Of Challenger Disaster: Remembering The Heroes, NASA To Pay Tribute KIC 8462852 Faded at an Average Rate of 0.165+-0.013 Magnitudes Per Century From 1890 To 1989…/30th-anniversary-of-challenger-disaster-remembering-the-heroes-nasa-to-pay-tribute Judy’s Items Judy Carroll on Contact with Greys [PDF] Press Release for Zeta Series [PDF] Review of the Zeta Series [PDF] 4.  5.  6.  Websites: UFO Grey Info,  The Zeta Message Judy Carroll has been an experiencer of ET contact since her birth in 1952. She is a Tai Chi instructor and Reiki teacher, whose many years of encounters with the off-planet Visitors known as Greys, or Zetas, have given her deep insight into the field of ET/Human Contact. At 30 years of age, she had a fully conscious daytime encounter in which she recognized the Visitors as “family”. In 1995, during a profound encounter at a sacred site in England, the ETs asked her to start writing books about Contact from the extraterrestrial […]

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Richard’s Items 1. Strength of gravity shifts – and this time it’s serious 2. 3.  4.  5. National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image Loop    6. Wind Map    7. Intellicast Weather Map Teresa’s Items 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7. CRV Webinar recordings 8. Controlled Remote Viewing Podcasts – Purpose For Women International 9. Controlled Remote Viewing Radio Show: Daz Smith – RV & Everything Eight Martinis Website: Aesthetic Impact Teresa Frisch is a Registered Nurse with over forty years of clinical and leadership experience, currently working in a Level I Emergency Trauma Center in SW Ohio.  While learning about nursing intuition, she began CRV training in 2005 through Lyn Buchanan, former member of US Military Intelligence Unit STAR GATE, eventually becoming a CRV Instructor / Analyst and Project Manager.  Frisch’s CRV presentations, exhibits and articles include Eight Martinis, State of the Art of Remote Viewing Magazine, 2015 Annual MENSA Gathering, 2015 Universal Health Solutions Conference “Re-Thinking Brain Health”, […]

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1. Pope Francis transcript of address to Joint session of congress and senate 2. Pope Francis’ Financial Reforms Rattle Vatican’s Old Guard 3. The Vatican Bank Hired an Auditor!?!? Joseph P. Farrell Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. Website: The Giza Deathstar     He is the author of the following books in the field of alternative research: and many more. Father George V. Coyne, S.J. Emeritus Director and  President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation Fr. George Coyne SJ was born in 1933, in Baltimore, Maryland, and joined the Jesuits in 1951. He obtained his B.S. in mathematics and his licentiate in philosophy at Fordham University, New York City in 1958; he earned his PhD in astronomy in 1962 from Georgetown University and completed the licentiate in sacred theology at Woodstock College, Maryland in 1965 when he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest. […]

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1. Remarks by President and Pope [Speach] 2. Mars’ Mysterious Dark Streaks Spur Exploration Debate [News] 3. Enterprise predicts water on Mars [Press Release 2000] From a young age, I had a deep conviction that something was not right with the world. There is one world, one sky, one Earth. Why is there then not one principle that unites people to a common worldview? Why can’t there be one Truth? In a college dorm room in 1973, while taking a class entitled, Man in Perspective, I had a thought that seemed to offer a way to unite the fields of religion, philosophy, and science. The insight was neither entirely new nor original. The main question was why it had gone unspoken for so long. The answer seemed to be that the new approach contradicted the accepted modern, materialistic worldview and made religion look inside for spiritual truths rather in the after-life or in […]