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Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Marvin Fast links to Bios:  Marvin   –     Support The Other Side of Midnight! “A Republic, madam … if You Can Keep it!” Ben Franklin — Constitutional Convention, 1787   “Because truth cannot be seen in a “narrow band,” contemporary context is insufficient … without historical perspective. Therefore, an attempt must be made to use ALL ‘the colors of the spectrum’ ….” So reads the “motto” on my guest’s citizen-historian website — “The Noah Commentaries” (must remember to ask him “who’s ‘Noah?’”). Marvin Jones. This week, the “House Select Committee to Investigate January 6th” produced their ninth public hearing on their continuing investigation into the complicated events swirling around the “physically-armed mob, storming the Capitol of the United States on January 6 ….” The now-proven instigator of that “unique in US history” Insurrection — former President of the United States, Donald Trump — […]

CLICK ON BANNER TO HEAR SHOW Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Etienne – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Fast links to Bios: Etienne – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta – Keith Help Keep “The Other Side of the News” on the Air! Your Contributions are Appreciated. Current geo-political events make it ever so critical that we know and understand the Hidden Forces that are directing the Course of History. We have been lied to for so long, we need to verify for ourselves the truth of any statement. Our guest tonight, Etienne De La Boetie2 has gathered real data, correlated it, cross-referenced it , and analyzed it to provide the essential information that We, the People need to be Self Governing and to educate ourselves on the Truth behind the Facade. Etienne offers insightful revelations designed to set you Free…key information needed to build your confidence in understanding world changes that directly […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Spence  –  Timothy Fast links to Bios:   Spence   –  Georgia  –  Ron  –  Timothy   Support The Other Side of Midnight! What Could Come NEXT? Have any of you been noticing the increasing “string of improbabilities” around the Putin invasion of Ukraine? Not the least of which, our on-going “ET Communications Project” receiving “coded radio transmissions” warning of the invasion of Ukraine… Four days BEFORE the invasion! So this evening — with the aid of our “resident historian and Russian military expert, Dr. Rick Spence”; our world-class yacht-designer (of “a Russian oligarch’s odds-on favorite ‘REALLY expensive plaything…’”), Tim Saunders; and our “resident metaphysician,” Georgia Lambert — we’re going to tackle the increasing “non-linearities” surrounding this most recent world catastrophe…. Is there any “bright spot” up ahead in all the dismal news… surrounding the increasingly grim reality of an expanding 21st Century East/West hot […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Spence Fast links to Bios:    Spence   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Ukraine! An unfamiliar name — for an unfamiliar nation to most Americans — suddenly looms large in strident headlines increasingly echoing around the world. And, a fundamental fear that hasn’t swept across Eastern Europe, let along the United States, in more than 70 years– An imminent, all-out Land War in Europe! At the heart of this accelerating global crisis looms one man: Vladimir Putin — current President of Russia. What does he really want? Why has he massed over 130,000 troops, thousands of tanks, an equal number of cannon, rockets and artillery, hundreds of aircraft and tens of ships — to say nothing of mobile field hospitals and stores of human blood for mass casuality transfusions — on the common Russian border of this relatively unknown country […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Etienne  – Kynthea – Timothy Fast links to Bios:  Etienne  – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Etienne  – Kynthea – Timothy Fast links to Bios:  Etienne  – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Show Items . Etienne’s Items: 1-  Etienne de la Boetie2 at Anarchapulco 2020 – Government: The Biggest Scam in History Exposed!   Some of the complete visualizations from the “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! and its companion media: The Liberator, below so folks can understand how inter-generational organized crime has monopolized the media into six companies operating as a cartel.   2- Six Companies Running Hundreds of Subsidiaries to give everyone the illusion of diversity of information sources. Download the full High Res Version in PDF from our FlashDrive/Dropboxes of Freedom: The Liberator here::   Mockingbird Media VIDEO   1.4 min Censored…see why […]