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Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Keith Fast links to Bios:  Robert  –  Keith   Support The Other Side of Midnight! UAP REPORT ANALYSIS  “DC’s UFO Lobbyist Blasts Pentagon Report Claiming No Alien Coverup. “Stephen Bassett calls DoD findings “completely false,” vows to continue pressing the government.” As these headlines from the DC area “Washingtonian Magazine” proclaim, my guest tonight — Steve Bassett — is “highly dissatisfied” with the conclusions of the recently-released Pentagon report on “UAP”; Bassett decries “an obvious Pentagon disinformation agenda ….” Says Bassett: “Social media and the internet [are] going to shred this nonsense ….” So … why is another (!) “deliberately false” Pentagon UAP Report politically important? Bassett went on– “Right now, the world is teetering on the brink [of disaster.]  We need ‘something’ to shift the focus and change people’s minds.  We are headed towards annihilation; we are closer to nuclear war than […]

Stephen Bassett had internet connection problems so Robert Morningstar & Ron Gerbron helped out. TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard Fast links:  Robert – Ron   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Analysis of the January 10th “Congressional Classified UFO Briefing by the Pentagon” …. Are we finally in “the endgame” when it comes to the 77-year, turgid government cover-up of “UAPs” (UFOs)? Last summer, David Grusch, a former intelligence analyst with the Pentagon’s newly-created “All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)” — the DOD elite unit formed by Congress to specifically investigate “the origin and nature of UAP” — gave shocking testimony (on live television!) before the House Committee that, in the words of one reporter, “blew the doors off” official Washington. Grusch, under oath, claimed that “the US government is in possession of ‘nonhuman biological remains … advanced technology … and even entire ‘ships’” — […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Barbara  – Georgia  –  Maria  –  Robert  –  Ruggero Fast links to Bios:    Barbara  –  Georgia  –  Maria  –  Robert  –  Ruggero Support The Other Side of Midnight! Charles III: Last King of England … because of a Stolen STONE?! It is the assertion of one of my guests tonight, Barbara Honegger, former Senior Policy Advisor to President Reagan, and a considerable “citizen hisotrian,” that today’s Coronation of King Charles III — according to centuries-old Royal Protocol for establishing a new monarchy — could, in fact, be the last Royal Coronation of the Modern Britain! According to Barbara: “A miraculously preserved Notebook from the 500s — almost 800 years before British King Edward I, ‘The Hammer of the Scots,’ stole what he thought was the real Stone of Destiny, in 1296 [AD] — recently unearthed from a peat bog in Scotland, proves the […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Barbara  –  Robert  –  Marvin Fast links to Bios:    Marvin  –  Georgia  –  Barbara  –  Rick  –  Robert   Support The Other Side of Midnight! First Indictment of a President …. History has truly turned a page …. For the last several days, newspapers around the world have repeatedly proclaimed– “Donald Trump carries the unique distinction of being the only president to be impeached twice, and is now the only former [US] president to face criminal indictment ….” Not quite true …. “In 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for speeding in his horse-drawn carriage in Washington, DC … This was not an impeachable offense, but Grant still faced consequences. “Grant, the general who helped lead the Union to victory in the Civil War, was arrested at the corner of 13th and M streets in the nation’s capital. The story of […]

As the world teeters on possible extinction, we face the gravest existential threat our civilization and species have ever faced before. Our honored guest tonight is Sacha Stone, an activist, public speaker, publisher, writer and film-maker, who has marshaled all his energy, resources and time to awaken humanity from the spellbinding of the Dark forces for the reclamation of health sovereignty to restoration of natural-law and auto-determination as living men and women of the living soil. WATCH SHOW ON RUMBLE AT TIME OF SHOW LISTEN ON BLOGTALK   Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Sacha – TOSN –  TOSN Telegram Fast links to Bios:  Sacha – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta – Keith Help Keep “The Other Side of the News” on the Air! Your Contributions are Appreciated. Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Sacha – TOSN –  TOSN Telegram Fast links to Bios:  Sacha – Kynthea – […]