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POSTPONEDWe regret Richard continues to be ill. Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  – David Fast links to Bios: David  Tonight’s show belongs to the genre of previous explorations we have done, re the fascinating subject– “Who was here, inhabiting North America … LONG before us?” Previous candidates have included “the Templar’s,” “the Ancient Egyptians,” “the pre-Olmecs,” and … “the Vikings” …. To which we can now add– Romans! My guest tonight, citizen-scientist and author, David Brody, is going to introduce us to the fascinating — if too-long-overlooked millennial-old tale — of how the Romans long ago came to the New World … and what they left for the rest of us to one day find. “America,” with its global interests and far-flung military bases, has often been compared to a modern “Roman State.” How ironic that the comparison seems to be anchored in an increasingly verifiable, if far too […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Gareth  – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Fast links to Bios:  Gareth – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta  Show Items . Gareth’s Items: 1      2     3     4     5   Guest Page Fast links to Items: Gareth  – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta Fast links to Bios:  Gareth – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta . Kynthea’s Items: 1  Mandatory Vaccine in New York? New York legislation could make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory   2   Ex-Pfizer Scientist vs Vaccines Former Pfizer VP: ‘No need for vaccines,’ ‘the pandemic is effectively over’     3  The FDA is setting up a system for tracking the results of COVID-19 vaccines. Be sure to read page 17 for a list of potential (expected?) adverse events. Even if I believed the BS narrative around COVID-19 I’d look at that list and take my […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard – Stephen – Keith   Fast links to Bios: Stephen – Keith “Disclosure!!” It’s a word that has come to stand for many, many things these … release of “previously-classified, US government documents,” on “Cold War activities conducted by the CIA; or, official acknowledgement of “new, recently-proven evidence” refuting a previously held “iron-clad” theory or scientific belief …. But by far the most familiar association of the word ‘DISCLOSURE” in the public mind these days, is in direct connection with the STILL controversial and highly contentious discussions swirling around the hot-button issue of “UFOs.” This is especially true in the wake of the December 2017, New York Times front-page story — quoting first-hand experiences of several US Naval pilots, with fleets of “UFO’s, performing ‘impossible’ aerial maneuvers at close-range” over Naval fleet exercises recently carried out off California and Virginia. Tonight my guest, Steve Bassett — […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Jared Fast links to Bios:  Jared “It’s not aliens … it’s US!” My guest tonight, citizen-scientist Jared Murphy, is voicing — with startling new evidence — what my own decades of totally independent studies into ancient solar system arcology have convincingly demonstrated now for many, many years– That … we are NOT “the First!” Someone — call them “advanced humans” — has been on Earth, if not far, far beyond … for at least “tens of millennia before ‘us’”– So called “modern homo sapiens.” And they left us, all across this planet … if not all across the solar system … an extraordinary scientific hertitage — physically attesting to their ancient, extremely sophisticated presence …. Join us tonight … as we explore the evidence, as well as the staggering scientific, cultural and technological implications of the anthropological model, that– “It’s not ‘aliens’ […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Charlie Fast links to Bios: Charlie  Trump Administration Suddenly Announces Return of American Astronauts to the Moon … Before End of President Trump’s Second Term! Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: Frequencies …. It ALL comes down to “frequencies” … as we have discussed MANY, MANY times in recent weeks, on many, many shows …. As events all around us have visibly … increasingly … “spiraled wildly out of control ….” Well tonight, we are one step closer to understanding what is suddenly “making Everything go crazy” — all at the SAME time — if not what must be done to FIX it …. It’s all in the now rapidly changing “torsion field backround frequencies” … The Physics (or the “system” God set in place “to keep everything from happening at once” to quote my grandmother […]