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SATURDAY, FEBRURARY 24th 2024 SAT. 9 pm – Midnight PT / Midnight – 3 am ET SUN. Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Joseph Fast links to Bios:  Joseph  –     Support The Other Side of Midnight! “I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore …” There’s much discussion these days about “living on Earth 2 ….” (“Earth 1” was where we USED to live … before “the Crazy Years.”) Before … Donald Trump. Or, as Nicki Haley keeps intoning– “Chaos … just follows him around.” But what if all the “chaos” — so obviously swirling around EVERYTHING we see and do these days … and I mean Everything — what if all the Chaos was– CONNECTED? Well tonight, I have the perfect guy to address that: Dr. Joseph Farrell. ‘Cause, look around– “We left Kansas … a LONG, LONG time ago.” Richard C. Hoagland Guest Page Fast […]

CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON RUMBLE CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON BLOGTALKRADIO Guest Page Fast links to Items: Joe  – TOSN –  TOSN Telegram Fast links to Bios: Joe  – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta – Keith Help Keep “The Other Side of the News” on the Air! Your Contributions are Appreciated. In the battle for our souls, the Creatives around the world are forming pockets of Counter-Culture. Transhumanism is spreading its tentacles, but Robots are no match for human creativity and innovation. Artists, Musicians and Dancers gather at Burning Man to defy the ‘little boxes’ of our current sterile depleted culture…Dark Endeavors to enslave us. The Mystery continues with questions of the enigmas appearing over the deserts around the world. Join us for a lively discussion with Dr. Joseph Buchman as he shares his personal experience of this magnetic Counter-Culture. Guest Page Fast links to Items: Joe  – […]