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LISTEN TO THIS SHOW Show Page | John’s Items Kynthea | Timothy | Annetta | Keith Many think of Mars as the Planet of War, Death and Destruction. Those who have been following Dr Brandenburg’s work are familiar with his revelation of a Nuclear Holocaust on Mars… But did you know that  …long before NASA posted the images to confirm his stunning revelation… Brandenburg was the first to reveal the potential of Life on Mars with his discovery of Paleo-Ocean on Mars?  Tune in for a lively discussion of Life on our neighboring planet…and the Signals of Consciousness throughout the Universe. LISTEN TO THIS SHOW  Feb 23, 2024 FRI. 7 pm – 9 pm PT / 10 pm – Midnight ET SAT. 3 – 5 am GMT  Show Page | John’s Items Kynthea | Timothy | Annetta | Keith LISTEN TO THIS SHOW Show Page | John’s Items Kynthea | Timothy | Annetta […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Matthew Fast links to Bios:  Laura  –  Matthew   Support The Other Side of Midnight! The Sam Altman AI “Soap Opera” …. What’s REALLY Going on … and Why? “Open-AI Staff Warned Board of AI Breakthrough … BEFORE Sam Altman was Fired, Report Says.”   All the headlines are now saying the same thing … the same thing I suggested to Matthew Bailey, our returning AI guest tonight, just before the preceding headline broke:   “Something BIG is happening behind the scenes in ‘Artificial Intelligence,’” I said to Bailey, “possibly, some kind of MAJOR ‘consciousness’ breakthrough ….  And Altman’s bizarre firing/rehiring could be THE clue.”   Who the hell is “Sam Altman?”   As you may remember from our first in-depth AI show a few weeks ago, Sam Altman is the new corporate “wunderkind” for bringing the benefits of “open source AI” […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Robert Fast links to Bios:    Robert  –  Timothy    Support The Other Side of Midnight! “The Latest News from the Titanic ….” A historian thinks it’s “incredible” that the Titanic is still claiming lives long after her dramatic sinking over a century ago …. “It’s incredible that 111 years after the Titanic herself claimed 1,500 lives, on 15 April 1912, that now the Titanic has claimed another five souls in this catastrophe,” British historian and television presenter Tim Maltin said. Five “tourist explorers” of the Titanic lost their lives this week when OceanGate’s “Titan” tourist submersible imploded … a little over an hour and forty-five minutes into its two-hour dive to the 20th Century’s most infamous shipwreck. One looming question has been “why do people pay over a quarter million dollars — and these, their very lives — just to gaze upon […]

. Donald Wolff Married – Large family – 9 Great Grandchildren • Long Haul Covid Survivor • 78 years old Inventor: Automotive Airbag Passive Restraint System – US Patent 3,625,543 Military Service / US Marines: • Combat Marine  • Weapons Instructor  • Demolitions Team  • Mountaineering Team  • Logistics Planner Business Owner: • Automotive Repair Center  • Race Car Construction  • 7 Years – Partially Retired  • Sales, Marketing & Management Consulting  • 7 Years – Retired • Financial Loan Company • 20 Years – Retired • Federally Licensed Firearm Dealer/Broker – 33 years – Current Experience: • Hydrogen / Water Fuel Experimentation – 9 Years – Current • Precious Metals Sales and Marketing – 43 Years – Current • Money Management and Investing Consulting – 43 Years  

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – Michael Fast links to Bio: Michael   Support The Other Side of Midnight! “Michael Lee Hill is an award-winning muscian, filmographer and UFO experiencer — who incorporates Cosmic [Hyperdimensional] Frequencies into his music, gained from his long communication with ‘those NOT from here ….’” Stemming from his extensive musical background, combined with that of a bona fide “ET Experiencer” (who has been imparted certain “esoteric knowledge”), Hill has been exploring for many years the physical/energy implications of the 432 Hertz (cycles per second) sound frequency. This same frequency, as a linear measure, can be found redundantly encoded in multiple ancient “sacred archaeological sites” around the world, most famously at Giza … in the literal physical dimensions of the Great Pyramid, and the underlying Giza Plateau. This 432 “frequency” also appears mathematically in key geophysical measurements of Earth itself, such as the 25,920 years required […]