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SATURDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2024 SAT. 9 pm – Midnight PT / Midnight – 3 am ET SUN. Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Georgia  –  Holger  –  Andrew Fast links to Bios:  Holger –  Ron  –  Andrew  –  Georgia   Support The Other Side of Midnight! The “Enterprise” Around NASA’s Secret “Horus Mission” to the Moon …. NASA just embarked upon another “secret mission” … and they did it this week in plain sight! An official “Enterprise Mission” (I kid you NOT) …. Just ask one of the NASA rocket engineers, as in his pre-launch interview about “NASA’s new ‘Vulcan’ rocket” — the selected launcher for NASA’s first returning spacecraft to the Moon in over fifty years — the unmanned “Peregrine spacecraft” — the engineer turned to the NASA cameras and casually called it “… an ‘Enterprise’ Mission.” It’s on tape. For, on-board this mission … this “Enterprise NASA […]

Stephen Bassett had internet connection problems so Robert Morningstar & Ron Gerbron helped out. TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard Fast links:  Robert – Ron   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Analysis of the January 10th “Congressional Classified UFO Briefing by the Pentagon” …. Are we finally in “the endgame” when it comes to the 77-year, turgid government cover-up of “UAPs” (UFOs)? Last summer, David Grusch, a former intelligence analyst with the Pentagon’s newly-created “All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO)” — the DOD elite unit formed by Congress to specifically investigate “the origin and nature of UAP” — gave shocking testimony (on live television!) before the House Committee that, in the words of one reporter, “blew the doors off” official Washington. Grusch, under oath, claimed that “the US government is in possession of ‘nonhuman biological remains … advanced technology … and even entire ‘ships’” — […]

TONIGHT, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23rd 2023 SAT. 9 pm – Midnight PT / Midnight – 3 am ET SUN. Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Charles Fast links to Bios:  Charles  –     Support The Other Side of Midnight! “The Alien Disclosure Deception ….” As the old joke goes– “Ok, now that we’ve agreed what you are, all that’s left to settle on … is the price.” Now that the US government — through the newly-legislated Congressional 2025 NDAA — has legally agreed that, “UFOs exist” … that “government/private industry has physical possession of some of their parts” … but that this physical evidence of “Hyperdimensional Technology” will ONLY be released over coming DECADES … and then, “at the discretion of the respective agencies currently possessing such physical ‘ET technology’”– It’s All Over. “UFOs … and the aliens currently flying them around the Earth … EXIST. “Game … match … […]

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th SAT. 9 pm – Midnight PT / Midnight – 3 am ET SUN. Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  John  –  Ruggero  –  Ron  –  Andrew Fast links to Bios:  John  –  Andrew  –  Ron  –  Ruggero Gather ’round your radios (and smartphones) tonight, as I outline a tale of Cosmic “distraction and deception” … regarding a STUNNING development in NASA’s continuing search for “ET life beyond the Earth ….   They’ve finally Found it.   And … they’ve even brought back to Earth (and are now analyzing secretly “overwhelming evidence” — not only of the Scientific Reality of its Existence … but of its extraordinary  Capabilities ….   And then–   They lied to us.   All of us watching the stunning return-to-Earth of the incredibly historic samples from the Bennu asteroid mission … “Osiris-Rex.”   And–   They are CONTINUING to lie … about […]

WATCH THE SHOW Guest Page / TOSN Home Fast links to Items:  Guests  –  TOSN Telegram Fast links to Bios:  Brian – Michael – Kynthea – Timothy – Keith As the Earth continues to Spin about its Axis – following a seemingly unending natural cyclic journey through the Cosmos   Humanity continues to Evolve – or some may say – De_volve – – given the regular occurrence of negative events and atrocities – (whether natural or intended) –   Are we all missing something ?   What discovery could possibly Unite us ?   Is there some knowledge – hidden in plain sight ? – all be it through a telescope  – that could potentially bring us together – to gain a new understanding of our place in the Universe ?   Tonight we are delighted to be joined by Brian Cory Dobbs and Michael J Craig – who have […]