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Dr. Farrell brings new light to topics outside the box as he digs deep into the hidden agenda. Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Joseph – Kynthea – Timothy Fast links to Bios: Joseph – Kynthea – Timothy – Annetta – Keith   Show Items . Joseph’s Items: 1- NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM MARCH 25 2021 Ship blocking Suez Canal like ‘beached whale’ could be stuck for weeks and Chief AstraZeneca Scientist Josep Baselga Developing Anti COVID-19 Therapies Dies Of Rare Neurological Disease       2- Books by Joseph P. Farrell YouTube Channel: Giza Death Star Community     3- Microcosm and Medium     4- Transhumanism in Dialogue     5- Secrets of the Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, The Nazi Bell, and the Discarded Theory     6- Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations: UFOS, Oligarchs and Space Secrecy     7- The Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy and the […]