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Richard’s Items Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream   2. Florida governor: Prepare for direct hit from Hurricane Matthew             3.  Hurricane Matthew pounds Cuba after drenching Haiti           4. WikiLeaks’ ‘October Surprise’ fails; Assange promises more to come Watch the latest video at Watch the latest video at           5.  Vice Presidential Debate: Live Analysis and Fact Checking             6. Putin’s WW3? Russia holds massive nuclear war exercise as military tensions rise with US               Dr. Robin Falkov Dr. Robin Falkov, is an Oriental Medical Doctor and Homeopathic Physician. having additional training in areas of specialized injection therapy, lifestyle optimizing, nutritional planning, western medical diagnostics and more. Skype: Dr. Robin Falkov for worldwide consultations Doc is an active participant in the Donald Trump campaign. She attended […]

Richard’s Items 1. Page:   2. Start at 17.57   3. ‘Specific info’ forces WikiLeaks to move anticipated announcement to Berlin           4. Sabotage speculation gathers around SpaceX explosion           5. Paranoid people in Silicon Valley have 3 popular theories about how the world will end               6.  Donald Trump quintuples down             7. United States Suspends Contact With Russia Over Syria Impasse             8. Hurricane Matthew: Haiti braces for deadly storm              

Robin’s Items 1.  SpaceX’s Elon Musk Unveils Interplanetary Spaceship to Colonize Mars             Jim’s Items              Dr. Robin Falkov, Oriental Medical Doctor and Homeopathic Physician. Dr Falkov has additional training in areas of injection therapy, lifestyle optimizing, nutritional planning and more. She consults worldwide on Skype. Learn more about her 10 years of research in medicine for the future – Light Emitting Diode health technologies.   Event Horizons Radio 10-Noon Eastern Listen live @ Studio A Call to listen (712) 432 6958 Talk to us at 347-688-2902     Jim Marrs Books JIM MARRS is a Texas journalist and author of four New York Times Best Selling books. His latest book, Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us,” was published in June 2015. It describes how the fraudulent claim of overpopulation […]

Richard’s Items: 1. Wells Fargo CEO denies orchestrated fraud in accounts scandal             2.  Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt           3. Donald Trump accused of ‘shocking’ violations of charity laws             4. Side by side: How Clinton and Trump respond to attacks           5.  Elon Musk to Unveil Interplanetary Transport System for Human Mars Mission             6. NASA to Hold Media Call on Evidence of Surprising Activity on Europa               7. Hillary Clinton: Trump’s Rhetoric ‘Seized On’ by ISIS     8.   Robert’s Items: 1. 2 homeless men found bombs, saved lives, Elizabeth mayor says 2. Stefan Molyneaux comments on 3 incidents:   3. NY Times: Ahmad Khan Rahami Is Arrested in Manhattan and New Jersey Bombings 4. Federal Charges Filed against Rahami 5. Thieves Helped […]