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What’s REALLY going on with North Korea? Has the Korean War — a decades-long conflict “ended,” not in a Peace Treaty but in an “Armistice,” 65 years ago — finally, truly been brought to a peaceful close? What about North Korea’s “nukes?”   And, what’s with all those high-level political (and even religious!) dignitaries — from Secretaries of States to Popes (!) — suddenly developing an “overwhelming urge” to visit “the bottom of the world” — Antarctica?!   What’s that REALLY all about? Join Dr. Joseph Farrell and me tonight, as we explore– What’s the World Truly … Secretly … Racing Toward — at apparently “Warp 9?”   Richard C. Hoagland   Show Items:   1-  Trump boasted he’d open all JFK files, but now says he can’t   2-NASA Scientists Seek Fossils of Ancient Mars’ Life –“Was There a Common Ancestor? Maybe We’re All Martians”     3-  Bitcoin is surging […]

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Show Items Richard’s Items: 1- NASA and the Oscars Share a Golden Space Tech Link     2-Putin shows video of his ‘invincible missile’ hitting Florida. Here’s why he would (and wouldn’t) do that   2- Russian Official Proposes International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings   4- French Amateur Moon Photo CLICK TO ENLARGE   5-  1960’s US Government Spy Satellite Image of Moon CLICK TO ENLARGE   Dr. Richard Spence’s Items: 1-  Template:Syrian Civil War detailed map – Wikipedia   2-  Map of Russian Gas Pipeline Routes:   Dr. Richard B. Spence Dr. Richard B. Spence is a Professor of History at the University of Idaho.  His interests include Russian and military history along with espionage, occultism and anti-semitism.  His major published works include Boris Savinkov: Renegade on the Left, Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly, Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult, and Wall Street and the Russian Revolution, 1905-1925. He is […]

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Help Support Our Mission to Keep the Show on Air   SHOW ITEMS   Oberon Zell’s Items: 1- Patreon Funding appeal: 2- Millennial Gaia   3- Lammas Night CLICK ON THE COVER TO BUY Oberon Zell  Patreon Funding appeal: Oberon Zell is a renowned Wizard and Elder in the worldwide magickal community. 50 years ago he was the first to apply the term “Pagan” to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960s, and through his publication of Green Egg magazine (1968-), Oberon was instrumental in the coalescence of the modern Pagan movement. In 1970, he had a profound Vision of the Living Earth which he published as an early version of “The Gaea Thesis.” Oberon creates altar figurines and jewelry of Gods and Goddesses. He is the author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard and several other books. He is the Founder and Primate of the Church of All Worlds (, and also the Founder and Headmaster of the […]

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Help Support Our Mission to Keep the Show on Air   What if we on Earth, involuntarily, have shared our planet with another intelligent species down through time … a “hyperdimensional life-form” that (most of the time …) is totally invisible …. Further, what if this species was something like the fictional beings in “Stargate-SG1”: the “G’ould”– A parasitic life-form … requiring 3-dimensional human hosts to live in this dimension. And last– Suppose this “HD parasite” required NEGATIVE emotions in its human hosts to remain in three dimensions … and was capable of CREATING those emotions in all those it invaded … to maintain its continued existence 3-D?– Via the creation of unending fear and violence planet-wide? My guest tonight, Robert Stanley, is going to describe the results of his multi-decade investigation into exactly this extraordinary possibility …. And he has evidence … like Parkland. Stay tuned. Richard C. Hoagland SHOW ITEMS Richard’s Item: 1- Fresh Evidence for New Physics in the Universe […]

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Important Alert & Request OFFICIAL NSS POLITICAL ACTION NETWORK ALERT Attention all NSS members in every state, but voices from Kentucky and New York will resonate the most loudly in DC: Quick Summary of Requested Action: Call, write, or email: Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York)[Minority Leader] with a contact form at: and a DC phone number of (202) 224-6542 322 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 With the following message: Representative Jim Bridenstine was first put forward by the Administration to be NASA Administrator on September 1, 2017. At this point, his nomination has been held up in the Senate for five months. NASA has been without a permanent Administrator since January 20, 2017, more than a year. This situation is not good for NASA, and it is not good for our country. Please move Rep. Bridenstine’s nomination to the floor for an up or down vote, and end the political games. If Rep. Bridenstine […]