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TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – Jon – Maria – David – Thomas Fast links to Bios: Maria – Thomas – Jonathan – David – Ron   Support The Other Side of Midnight! We’ve been talking to extraterrestrials … and getting some extraordinary answers! A little over a month ago, the Enterprise Mission’s flagship radio broadcast — “The Other Side of Midnight” — launched a month-long series of high powered amateur radio transmissions into outer space, with two specific targets the intended receipients: The near-by Moon …. And the first acknowleged “Interstellar Visitor” to aweep through the inner solar system in late 2017, dubbed by its NASA Hawaiian discoverers, ‘Oumuamua — “a messenger from afar, arriving first ….” Tonight, we officially launch Phase II: A planned radio transmission and reception, conducted from the ceremonial center of the oldest known “ancient astronomical observatory” on Earth– […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – Dave – Jon – Thomas Fast links to Bios: Dave – Jon – Thomas – Ron     Support The Other Side of Midnight! As our regular listeners well know, for more than a month we have been conducting a unique Enterprise Mission scientific experiment in “Extraterrestrial Communications.” >Specifically, an effort to send a radio transmission sequence (based on Hyperdimensional Physics) to the first known Interstellar Visitor to sweep through the solar system, back in 2017 — an object named by NASA ‘Oumuamua (“messenger from afar, arriving first” …). What we received in answer to these pioneering transmissions, the night of December 4, 2021, was anything but “a model radio response, out of the standard SETI Handbook.” First: the return radio signals to our Call arrived FAR faster than expected “speed-of-light limitations” — indicating a highly advanced extraterrestrial technology, far exceeding “limitations” imposed by […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  – Paul Fast links to Bios: Paul   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Our guest tonight — mythologist, church Archdeacon, and international best-selling author Paul Wallis — was chosen for one SPECIFIC reason– To explore the meaning and implications BEHIND our current, paradigm-shattering, on-going Enterprise Mission “Open Hailing Frequencies” radio experiment, vis a vis the solar system’s first “Interstellar Visitor,” ‘Oumuamua, acknowledged as such by mainstream science in 2017 during its sudden appearance sweeping through the solar system; further, what could be the meaning behind our extraordinary radio responses we’ve received, in 2021, indicating clearly, that we’re “talking to somone” who has not only a deep knowledge of Earth’s Ancient Hidden History … but the Ancient History of Humanity itself?! Given his significant research into precisely this same ancient human history, the one overwhelming question we will be discussing with Paul Wallis is […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – Dave – Jon – Georgia Fast links to Bios: Dave – Jon – Georgia – Ron   Support The Other Side of Midnight! We have just concluded Phase I of a MOST remarkable “ET Communications Experiment”: An attempt to signal — via a powerful, “citizen-scientist” radio telescope transmitter — whomever (or, whatever!) swept through the solar system in 2017 … aboard the First Known Interstellar Visitor– ‘Called by NASA, “Oumuamua.” So, what have we learned from our historic Enterprise Mission ‘Oumuamua radio transmissions? THAT is the subject of tonight’s far-ranging program. But, in addition to updating you on some of the extraordinary “messages” we’ve received back from our month-long series of transmissions, tonight we will lay out a plan for other “citizen-scientists” to join us in this continuing effort — not only to help us decode further the content of our existing astonishing responses, […]

HOSTED BY JONATHAN WOMACK Guest Page Fast links to Bios: Rick – Georgia – Jon – David – Michael   Support The Other Side of Midnight!     Welcome to an extraordinary Enterprise Mission Christmas Weekend Experience — in “ET Communications.”   Four years ago this Fall, an extraordinary object fell into the inner solar system — Humanity’s first known Interstellar Visitor …. Diving toward the planets orbiting the sun at a steep (and mathematically-significant!) 33-degree angle, the mystery object — dubbed ‘Oumuamua by NASA (“a messenger from afar, arriving first …”) — made a breathtaking hyperbolic turn around the sun in late 2017 at 195,000 miles per hour (!), before racing back into the interstellar darkness in a little over four short months … never to return. Our own thoughts (and calculations, based on its unique “Hyperdimensional” orbital elements) first raised the crucial cosmic question: “Could this finally be a […]