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  Richard’s Items: 1. Here’s Eisenhower’s initial report on the D-Day invasion 2. Read Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Tribute To ‘Friend And Mentor’ Muhammed Ali 3. That Judge Attacked By Donald Trump? He’s Faced A Lot Worse. 4. John Oliver Forgives $15 million in debt. 5. Dustin Johnson Hit The Luckiest Shot That Bounced 50 Yards Down A Cart Path 6. Talking Parrot May Be the Sole Witness to a Homicide  7. Who’s The Enemy: The “End Of Days” Begun?   Joseph’s Items: 1. New York Times 9/11 Headline 2. Wreckage and apparent rotor outside Pentagon   3. Building 7     4. Mohammed Atta, Video Footage of Atta   5. Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks And Secret Sorcery   Mon/Tues 6/7 – Dr. Joseph P. Farrell ,  Farrell’s books Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history, science, and “strange stuff”. Raised in South […]

Richard’s Items: 1. Sports World Reacts To Muhammed Ali’s Death 2. Elon Musk Believes We Are Probably Characters In Some Advanced Civilization’s Video Game   Uri’s Items: 1. Muhammed Ali and Uri Geller 2. The Secret Life Of Uri Geller 3. Dr. Hal Puthoff and Laser Physicist Russel Targ talking about Uri Geller’s secret CIA tests at SRI 4. Uri and Michael Jackson 5. Uri and John Lennon 6. The Psychic and The Rabbi , uri’s books Uri Geller was born in Israel on December 20, 1946. His parents were of Hungarian and Austrian descent, and he is distantly related on his mother’s side to Sigmund Freud. At the age of four he had a mysterious encounter with a sphere of light while in a garden near his house. A retired Israeli air force officer, who was an eyewitness to this encounter, validated this mystifying event decades later. In 1969 he […]

Richard’s Items: 1. What Russia’s DNC Hack Tells Us About Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server 2. A filibuster in favor of gun control is probably doomed, but the real fight is in the states 3. Elon Musk Really Believes Humans May Just Exist In Some Other Civilization’s Video Game   Cynthia’s Items:   1. Earliest Examples Of The Mandela Effect 2.   3. 4. 5. 6. Website: Reality Shifters, Cynthia’s Books Cynthia Sue Larson, intuitive life coach, best-selling author, and radio show host had a sense from early childhood of remembering who she was before she was born–with a feeling of being connected to the presence of loved ones who are ever-present, compassionate, and in harmonious alignment with themselves and others. The disparity between what she remembered from before she was born and the way most westerners tend to think, feel, and act initially led her to lead an inner spiritual life, […]

Richard’s Items: 1. What Happened Inside the Gorilla Enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo Leading to the Fateful Shot 2. MSNBC interrupts libertarian candidate to talk to Clinton 3. Glenn Beck suspended by SiriusXM 4. Amber Heard denies she’s blackmailing Johnny Depp 5. SpaceX to brief underwriters on the road to Falcon 9 reusability        Call/Skype in with your questions, comments, ideas, input, guest suggestions, theories, notions and anything else relevant to the moment… Phone: (888) 909-1050 or (505) 796-8802 Skype: enterprisemission

RCH’s Items: 1. Memorial Day: U.S. Presidents honor the fallen at Arlington National Cemetery 2. Mars Set To Make Closest Approach To Earth in 11 Years 3. Rosetta’s Comets Contain Ingredients For Life 4. Music of 67p   Wallace’s Items: 1. Wallace’s articles: 2. EU2016 Conference: Elegant Simplicity  3. EU2015Montgomery Childs: SAFIRE Project Update | EU2015 4. Congratulations Rosetta, Shame About The Science 5.    Websites: and “We live in an electric world. Our cities are visible from space at night, blazing with electric lights. The electricity courses invisibly in the darkness over great distances along thin power lines. We find electricity indispensable. Nature does the same since all matter is electrical. Yet astronomy is stuck in the gas-light era, unable to see that stars are simply electric lights strung along invisible cosmic power lines that are detectable by their magnetic fields and radio noise. It is now a century since […]