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Guest Page Fast links to Items:  –  Richard  –  Ron Fast links to Bios:  Ron   Welcome to “Perseverance Weekend” …. With two never-before-attempted unmanned missions to the planet Mars launching earlier this week (United Arab Emerites, on July 20; and China, on July 23) — and with NASA’s own unmanned “Perseverance” Rover scheduled now to leave for the Red Planet in just five days (July 30) — this 51st Anniversary Weekend of Apollo 11 has seen the beginnings of an unprecedented two weeks in world space history …. As well as, strong hints that ONE of these simultaneous, multi-national Mars missions — sometime in 2021 — is going to announce the scientific discovery of “CURRENT living organisms on the Martian surface” … if not, “the ruined remains of previous, technologically-advanced inhabitants of the planet Mars!” And, of the three nations now obviously competing to the first “to completey change the […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  John – Kynthea – Timothy – Andrew – Annetta Fast links to Bios:  John – Kynthea – Timothy – Andrew – Annetta   Guest Page Fast links to Items:  John – Kynthea – Timothy – Andrew – Annetta Fast links to Bios:  John – Kynthea – Timothy – Andrew – Annetta Show Items . John’s Items: 1. IN 1917 RUDOLF STEINER FORESAW A VACCINE THAT WOULD ‘DRIVE ALL INCLINATION TOWARD SPIRITUALITY OUT OF PEOPLE’S SOULS’     2. The Deadly Gates 1918 Vaccine  Did the so-called “Spanish flu” actually begin at Fort Riley, Kansas by an experimental inoculation of U.S. Army soldiers in 1918? Would you believe that the doctor who administered the deadly vaccines in 1918 was named “Gates”? – Dr. Frederick L. Gates.     3. Hilarious COVID Data Scams Be prepared to laugh all the way through this 13-minute video. […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Chris Fast links to Bios:  –  Chris Tonight, we’re connecting some VERY crazy dots …. Or, as my guest — symbolist Chris Knowes — wrote recently: “Say, did you hear the one about the rich guy who was obsessed with sex and weird science? The guy who turned his posh digs into an orgiastic f*#@^pad, where minors were reportedly sexually abused? The guy who was plugged into networks of prominent scientists and luminaries from entertainment and the world of letters? “The guy with the mysterious, kind-of-scary girlfriend who had family connections all the way to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories …. “No, I’m not talking about Jeffrey Epstein — I’m talking about Jack Parsons. “Plus … Jeffrey Epstein. “Hey, remember when the world wasn’t totally bugf*#^*-batshit insane? Remember when things weren’t spinning entirely out of control, and we believed in stupid things like […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items:   – Kynthea – Timothy – Andrew – Annetta Fast links to Bios:   – Kynthea – Timothy – Andrew – Annetta Show Items . Kynthea’s Items: 1. Whistleblower Senator Scott Jensen Is Threatened To Have  His Medical License Taken     July 6, 2020 Minnesota Senator and Doctor, Scott Jensen released this video as he is having his medical license threatened over speaking out about death certificates for C0VlD-19. And that doctors are ordered to state NON-COVID-19 death as COVID-19 as the cause.     2. GREGG BRADEN: CORONAVIRUS TRUTH & FICTION – What The World Needs To Know About COVID-19 Gregg is not anti-vaccine or anti-medicine. He is, however, PRO Healthy Habits as a Defence: the right foods, supplements, exercise and right thoughts.     3. COVID LIES DEBUNKED: The COVID-19 Curve Has Been Flattened     4. Forced Vaccination Plan Unveiled. Forced […]

There’s been another “baffling discovery” at Stonehenge …. According to the official University of Bradford press release, issued a few days ago– “A massive 2-km-wide ring of prehistoric ‘shafts’ — up to 10m [33 feet] across and 5m [16 feet] deep — has been discovered around the ‘super henge’ at Durrington Walls, and the famous site at Woodhenge.  The structures have been carbon-dated to about 2500 BC ….” According to Prof Vince Gaffney, 50th Anniversary Chair of the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences in the Faculty of Life Sciences, it was extraordinary such a major find had been made so close to Stonehenge– “The area around Stonehenge is amongst the most studied archaeological landscapes on Earth, and it is remarkable that the application of new technology can still lead to the discovery of such a massive prehistoric structure which, currently, is significantly larger than any comparative prehistoric monument that we know of […]