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Richard’s Items: 1. What Russia’s DNC Hack Tells Us About Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server 2. A filibuster in favor of gun control is probably doomed, but the real fight is in the states 3. Elon Musk Really Believes Humans May Just Exist In Some Other Civilization’s Video Game   Cynthia’s Items:   1. Earliest Examples Of The Mandela Effect 2.   3. 4. 5. 6. Website: Reality Shifters, Cynthia’s Books Cynthia Sue Larson, intuitive life coach, best-selling author, and radio show host had a sense from early childhood of remembering who she was before she was born–with a feeling of being connected to the presence of loved ones who are ever-present, compassionate, and in harmonious alignment with themselves and others. The disparity between what she remembered from before she was born and the way most westerners tend to think, feel, and act initially led her to lead an inner spiritual life, […]

Richard’s Items: 1. What Happened Inside the Gorilla Enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo Leading to the Fateful Shot 2. MSNBC interrupts libertarian candidate to talk to Clinton 3. Glenn Beck suspended by SiriusXM 4. Amber Heard denies she’s blackmailing Johnny Depp 5. SpaceX to brief underwriters on the road to Falcon 9 reusability        Call/Skype in with your questions, comments, ideas, input, guest suggestions, theories, notions and anything else relevant to the moment… Phone: (888) 909-1050 or (505) 796-8802 Skype: enterprisemission

RCH’s Items: 1. Memorial Day: U.S. Presidents honor the fallen at Arlington National Cemetery 2. Mars Set To Make Closest Approach To Earth in 11 Years 3. Rosetta’s Comets Contain Ingredients For Life 4. Music of 67p   Wallace’s Items: 1. Wallace’s articles: 2. EU2016 Conference: Elegant Simplicity  3. EU2015Montgomery Childs: SAFIRE Project Update | EU2015 4. Congratulations Rosetta, Shame About The Science 5.    Websites: and “We live in an electric world. Our cities are visible from space at night, blazing with electric lights. The electricity courses invisibly in the darkness over great distances along thin power lines. We find electricity indispensable. Nature does the same since all matter is electrical. Yet astronomy is stuck in the gas-light era, unable to see that stars are simply electric lights strung along invisible cosmic power lines that are detectable by their magnetic fields and radio noise. It is now a century since […]

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Richard’s Items: 1. Rosetta’s comet contains ingredients for life   2. At 96, Dr. Heimlich Uses His Own Maneuver on Choking Victim   3. Michelle Obama to SFIS grads: ‘Our world needs you’ – excerpt of commencement speech begins at 1:20   4. SpaceX successfully lands a Falcon 9 rocket at sea for the third time   Michelle’s links:   1. Obama’s Hiroshima visit reveals progress of reconciliation, disagreements over history   2. At Hiroshima Memorial, Obama Says Nuclear Arms Require ‘Moral Revolution’   Chandra’s Items:   1. Polonnaruwa meteorite as proof of extraterrestrial life gets support at presidential level in Sri Lanka         2. Brochure pdf     3. Arthur C. Clarke & Chandra Wickramasinghe 4. Fred Hoyle & Chandra Wickramasinghe   5.   6. Chandra’s latest books including collaborations with Fred Hoyle         Astrobiology website: Personal website: ISPA website: Professor […]

RCH’s items: 1.                                              2.                3. The Nassikas Superconducting Lorentz Thruster: Levitation with essentially zero power draw and heavy payload capability – The Sphinx Stargate 4. Pennsylvania judge orders Cosby to trial on sexual assault charge 5. Trump Protesters Smash Door Break Through Barriers  6. Police Disperse Protests Near Trump Event in California 7. Support The EM Drive Project: 8. Paul Kocyla EM Drive Dave’s Items: 1. Roger Shawyer EM Drive 2. Roger Shawyer EM Drive 3 4 5 6 7 8. A posting today that links to a new requirement for NASA to start Interstellar Research 9. EM Drive Wiki 10. The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive Thruster Dave Distler Bio   Something beckoned me to begin reading every book I […]