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1.   2.  Website: The Giza Deathstar Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. Dr. Farrell’s books have also appeared in Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, and mainland China. He is the author of the following books in the field of alternative research: The Giza Death Star The Giza Death Star Deployed Reich of the Black Sun The Giza Death Star Destroyed The SS Brotherhood of the Bell The Cosmic War Secrets of the Unified Field The Philosophers’ Stone The Nazi International Babylon’s Banksters Roswell and the Reich LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men The Grid of the Gods, with Dr. Scott D. de Hart Saucers Swastikas and Psyops Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology, Terrorism, and Topology with Dr. Scott D. de Hart (Amazon Kindle e-book) Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Altars and Agendas for the Transformation of Man with Dr. Scott D. de […]

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Donald Trump Rally In Chicago Canceled Amid Widespread Protests [News] Trump supporters, protesters clash after Chicago rally postponed [News] Donald Trump Fan Punches Black Protester at Rally [News] Why Trump’s rivals can’t catch him [News] Touching moment as Chick-Fil-A employee signs to a deaf customer [News] Why Europe’s New Mission to Mars Is Such a Big Deal [News] Dr. Richard B. Spence is a Professor of History at the University of Idaho.   His special interests include modern Russian, military, espionage and occult history and the history of anti-Semitism.  One of his most popular courses deals with the role of conspiracies and secret societies in history. His major published works include Boris Savinkov: Renegade on the Left (East European Monographs/Columbia Univ. Press, 1991), Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly (Feral House, 2002) and Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult (Feral House, 2008). He also co-authored with Walter […]

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Richard’s Items 1. Gravitational Waves Will Show The Quantum Nature Of Reality [News] L.A.’s Items 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  (Elongated Skulls Slide Show)   Giant Skulls “On The Trail” Book Websites:,, L.A.’s Blog L.A. Marzulli, author, composer and researcher had no use for God after the age of 13, when he stopped attending the Catholic church of his parents. When he was 18, his 16-year-old girlfriend was killed in an accident. Deeply affected by this, he felt there was no God whatsoever. To ease the pain, he sought relief from many sources including drugs. By the age of 21, Marzulli moved into an ashram. Though he’d left the church, he found himself drawn to other spiritual expressions, especially the New Age movement. His fascination with unusual phenomena drew him deeper and deeper into the supernatural and occultist world. By age 30, however, he realized something crucial: that none of his experiences did […]

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Richard’s Items 1. Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Says ‘Legitimate Questions’ About UFOs Should Be Answered [News] 2. Hunt for Intelligent Aliens Should Focus on ‘Transit Zone’ [News] Panel Items 1.  2.  LRO-L-LROC-2-EDR-V1.0/M118769870LE 3.  4.  5.  Ahuna Mons Perspective View Flight Over Dwarf Planet Ceres 6.  7.  8.  THE SINGING COMET Music of Comet 67P 9.  10.  11.  12.  13.   14. Space In Images: Comet 67p 15.   16. Mt Hadley 500 Comp DMH  Keith Laney Websites:, The Hidden Mission Keith Laney is a space image processing and anomalies specialist from Charlotte NC. He’s a husband, father, grandfather, artist, copper master, amateur space scientist and avid promoter and supporter of space exploration. The primary passion of his life after about half the above is space imaging. His work has been featured by NASA, mainstream news organizations and planetary anomaly lovers the world over. Keith hosts a privately unequaled online collection of space imaging, planetary curiosities, his own writings and music which just celebrated its […]

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What cancer treatment did Jimmy Carter use? Why these kind of treatments are suddenly gaining traction.  [News] New immunotherapy drug behind Jimmy Carter’s cancer cure [News] What the media got wrong about Jimmy Carter’s cancer “cure” [News] Jimmy Carter: Didn’t Say Cancer Is Cured, Treatment Continues [News] Former President Jimmy Carter says he no longer needs cancer drug treatment, seven months after revealing melanoma diagnosis [News] Former President Jimmy Carter no longer needs cancer treatment [Video] Space Race Losers? US Leadership in Danger, Report Warns [News] Bernie Sanders pulled off a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton in a key state [News] European-Russian Mission to Mars Launches Next Week [News] Hunt for Intelligent Aliens Should Focus on ‘Transit Zone’ [News] It’s that time once again, for YOU to join us on the show, with your ideas, input, guest suggestions, theories, notions, questions, comments and all manner of miscellaneous that’s relevant to the program. Richard C. Hoagland and the friendly OSOM […]