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Richard’s Items 1. Here Are the Books on President Obama’s Summer Reading List Looking for your next book club pick? Do like the president by opening up something from his summer reading list.   Obama left for vacation on Aug. 7, and will return to work Aug. 23. The White House also noted that it doesn’t know if Obama is reading the books in hard copy or on an e-reader.                 2. Trump Tower Climber Snatched by Police as the Internet Watches 3. Everything’s gone wrong in Rio leading up to the 2016 Olympics                             2016 Rio Olympics – The Bad & The Good The Bad                                                         […]

Richard’s Items: 1. Putin: We’ll Work With Any Candidate U.S. Voters Choose 2. Elizabeth Warren Visits Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn Headquarters: ‘Don’t Screw This Up.’ 3. Steph Curry Should Have Been Suspended For Game 7 Of The NBA Finals 4. O.J.: Made In America   Brian’s Items: 1.               2.                     3.             4.               5.               6.                 7.               The Fix Is In , Brian’s Books Brian Tuohy grew up a hard-core sports fan complete with all the trappings: hours spent watching ESPN, collecting cards, and idolizing the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Cal Ripken Jr. Though he had hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster, […]