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Richard’s Items 1. Strength of gravity shifts – and this time it’s serious 2. 3.  4.  5. National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image Loop    6. Wind Map    7. Intellicast Weather Map   Teresa’s Items 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7. CRV Webinar recordings 8. Controlled Remote Viewing Podcasts – Purpose For Women International 9. Controlled Remote Viewing Radio Show: Daz Smith – RV & Everything Eight Martinis Website: Aesthetic Impact Teresa Frisch is a Registered Nurse with over forty years of clinical and leadership experience, currently working in a Level I Emergency Trauma Center in SW Ohio.  While learning about nursing intuition, she began CRV training in 2005 through Lyn Buchanan, former member of US Military Intelligence Unit STAR GATE, eventually becoming a CRV Instructor / Analyst and Project Manager.  Frisch’s CRV presentations, exhibits and articles include Eight Martinis, State of the Art of Remote Viewing Magazine, 2015 Annual MENSA Gathering, 2015 Universal Health Solutions Conference “Re-Thinking Brain […]

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