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The Unexplained with Howard Hughes
Edition 697 – Richard Hoagland 2023 Update


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DONATE HERE to The Enterprise Mission Goal of $100,000 for the Chance to Own Apollo 12 Astronaut-Artist Alan Bean's 'Reaching for The Stars' (Show Banner) signed by Bean and 23 Other Astronauts !!  Once the Goal has been reached whoever gave the largest Donation along with name and e-mail will receive It through the mail postage paid.  Donations to the Campaign through this button are tax deductible. 

Know that you will be helping to bring about radical change in the landscape of WHO we consider our species to be in relation to the rest of the expansive Universe of Intelligent Beings.

Thank you for your generosity.

Reaching for the Stars by Alan Bean

Release Year: 1997

Size: 34 “x 27”  

Form: Limited edition textured canvas  

Edition Size: 1500 numbered and hand signed by the artist and countersigned by 24 astronauts (list below)

In one sense this is a scene of a universal astronaut, symbolizing everyone who flew in Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz. It also represents those who fly on space shuttles and will fly on a space station and on future missions only dreamed about at this time. The astronaut is an emissary of us all, soaring away from our planet earth. But in a broader view [Reaching for the Stars symbolizes] all of us who possess a dedicated and adventurous spirit no matter what our interests or age.

    – Alan Bean

Each print has been hand countersigned by Astronauts:   
Alan B. Shepard Jr., John H. Glenn Jr., M. Scott Carpenter, L. Gordon Cooper Jr., James A. McDivitt, Walter M. Schirra Jr., Richard F. Gordon Jr., Walter Cunningham, Russell L. Schweickart, Buzz Aldrin, Charles Conrad Jr., Alan L. Bean, James A. Lovell, Fred W. Haise Jr., Edgar D. Mitchell, Alfred M. Worden, Charles M. Duke Jr., Thomas P. Stafford, Gerald P. Carr, Edward G. Gibson, William R. Pogue, Owen K. Garriott, Jack R. Lousma, Paul J. Weitz 


NASA TV — Live NASA Updates

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?



Shards of the Gods

“Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena” NASA Study Group:



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