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2018/02/24 – Robert Stanley
Exposing The Covert (Hyperdimensional) Controllers Of Mankind ….
with Greg Ahrens And Kynthea




2018/02/25 – Georgia Lambert
The Meta [Torsion Field] Physics Underlying The Trump Presidency ….

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The Other Side of Midnight hosted by Richard C. Hoagland takes you on a journey through the minds of exceptional scientific experts, investigators and analysts. Hoagland takes you behind the scenes of history to explore science, the humanities and secret government projects, while comparing our own science fiction dreams to the reality of our human existence.



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Live Stream of Musk’s Tesla Roadster in Space

Elon Musk demonstrated how to democratize and make cost effective…ordinary Americans..ordinary people anywhere in the world, going to the moon themselves and checking out what we have found. Furthermore, he is on record for wanting to send two tourists who apparently have plunked down hefty amounts of cash to nail down these seats. His plan, announced last year, is to send later this year, two tourists, two paying tourists, two civilians, two folks who I definitely presume will not have signed any non-disclosures, they are not part of the US military, haven’t sworn to uphold the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, which by they get you because you know…leaking this stuff out makes you an enemy either foreign or domestic. Nope. All that is by passed if those two folks go around the moon and take pictures with current ccd technology, off the shelf cameras like he put in his launch this week, that gave us those stunning views. And Elon Musk is planning to do this, according to the current record, before the end of this year. Now I’ve said on this show that I think its going to slip to the middle of 2019, which would be really cute on the 50th anniversary of Apollo..69…2019 that Elon Musk will blow the doors off with his technology and tourists by sending them around the moon to broadcast live the incredible streamed images of artificial structures on the moon that totally confirm what Apollo actually saw and photographed and brought home. –  Richard C. Hoagland


 2018-02-17 – Robert Morningstar – Did President Kennedy’s Abrupt Decision In 1963 — To End The “Space Race” … And Go To The Moon Together With The Russians — Stem Directly From The CIA’s Sudden, Top Secret “Project Corona” Confirmation, In 1963 … Of Ancient ET Ruins On The Moon?” And Thus … Lead Directly To His Assassination?

2018-02-18 – Thomas Valone, Phd – How Connecting With The Torsion Field
Can Release Your Inner Genius


2018-02-10 – Jay Weidner – Did Apollo Really Go To The Moon …
Or Did Kubrick Do It All On A Movie Set? Elon Musk & Starman


2018/1/28 – Mike Gamble – A Real Boeing Space Drive: “Look Ma — Finally … No More Rockets!”

Robert Morningstar & Wilbur Allen – Is There An Ancient Civilization’s Pyramid In Antarctica — And Is THIS Why Putin Sent The Entire Baltic Fleet To Antarctica Last Year … And Another Secret Reason Why Putin And Trump Are SO “Chummy?”

2018/1/20 – Paul Davids – Blowing America’s Mind
A True Story Of Princeton, CIA, Mind Control, LSD And Zen


2018/1/21 – Dr. Robin Falkov Reports
On What They Dont Tell You About This Dangerous Flu Epidemic

2018/1/14 – Neal Adams – Is The Universe — Including, Every Star, Planet And Moon …
Currently Growing– Because Of “Continuous Creation?”


2018/01/13 – Gordon White – Rethinking Panspermia: Could ‘Oumuamua Really Be …
An Ancient ET “Seedship?


2018-01-07 – Thomas Valone, Phd.  – Disclosure’s Impact On The Public Release Of “Forbidden” Breakthrough Technologies


2017-12-31 Christopher Knowles – The Hollywood “Messaging” Around Disclosure:
Is The Force Still “With Us …?” 



2027/12/30 – David Wilcock – Barbara Honegger – “Disclosure” — The INSIDE, Multi-Leveled Truth … As It Begins.



2017/12/24 – David Warner Mathisen & The Enterprise Mission Family – The Christmas Star


2017-12-10 Georgia Lambert – Kynthea – Dr Carmen Boulter / “The Good Are Getting Better … And The Bad Are Getting Worse!”: The World Is “Upside Down” — What’s Coming Next?


2017/12/03 Robert Morningstar – The JFK Assassination Files: Breakthrough!

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