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“I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore …”

There’s much discussion these days about “living on Earth 2 ….”

(“Earth 1” was where we USED to live … before “the Crazy Years.”)

Before … Donald Trump.

Or, as Nicki Haley keeps intoning–

“Chaos … just follows him around.”

But what if all the “chaos” — so obviously swirling around EVERYTHING we see and do these days … and I mean Everything — what if all the Chaos was–


Well tonight, I have the perfect guy to address that:

Dr. Joseph Farrell.

‘Cause, look around–

“We left Kansas … a LONG, LONG time ago.”

Richard C. Hoagland

Guest Page
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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

YouTube Channel:
Giza Death Star Community

Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff".

His book The Giza DeathStar was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science". Following a paradigm of researching the relationship between alternative history and science, Farrell has followed with a stunning series of books, each conceived to stand alone, but each also conceived in a pre-arranged sequence:

  • The Giza Death Star
  • The Giza Death Star Deployed
  • Reich of the Black Sun
  • The Giza Death Star Destroyed
  • The SS Brotherhood of the Bell
  • The Cosmic War
  • Secrets of the Unified Field
  • The Philosophers' Stone
  • The Nazi International
  • Babylon's Banksters
  • Roswell and the Reich
  • LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy
  • Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men
  • The Grid of the Gods, with Dr. Scott D. de Hart
  • Saucers Swastikas and Psyops
  • Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology, Terrorism, and Topology, with Dr. Scott D. de Hart (Amazon Kindle e-book)
  • Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Altars and Agendas for the Transformation of Man (with Dr. Scott D de Hart, 2012)
  • Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology,Terrorism, and Topology (Lulu Print-on-demand book, 2012)
  • Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations: The Secret Space Program, Celestial Psyops, and Hidden Conflicts (2012)
  • The Financial Vipers of Venice: Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and Banking in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (2013)
  • Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations: UFOs, Oligarchs, and Space Secrey (2013)
  • Talk Radio for the Eyes: Transhumanism in Dialogue; with Dr. Scott D. de Hart (2013)
  • Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age: Hermetic Cosmology, Finance, Politics and Culture in the Middle Ages through the Late Renaissance(2014)
  • The Third Way: The Nazi International, The European Union, and Corporate Fascism (2015)
  • Rotten to the (Common) Core: Public Schooling, Standardized Tests, and the Surveillance State (2o16)
  • Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: the Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations
  • Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica, and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

Guest Page
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Why the Fury to Return to Mars?



Guest Page
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Richard’s Items:



G7 leaders admonish Russia for ‘irresponsible nuclear rhetoric’ on second anniversary of Ukraine war









IM-1 lunar lander tipped over on its side





IM-1 Lunar Orbit Image Rotated Enhanced








Project Diana Radar Bounce Off Moon







Project Diana 1946 Antenna Lunar Radar Data






Project Diana Radar Echoes in Lunar Dome Art







Barry-I Velocity and Altitude–Feb-21





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8 Comments so far:

  1. Don K Johnson says:

    I love these shows where Richard is not yelling at his guest(s), not yelling “hold it, Hold it!” And when he lets his guest talk and a complete idea before he interrupts with questions that stops the flow of thought, or with some ancient TV reference from “Fibber Mcgee and Molly” or some old black and white movie from the 40’s. LOL. Sorry but it’s true. “As my grandmother used to say.” Etc.
    I learn so much more.
    In 1973 one of my science professors told us the story about the concern with the 1st A Bomb setting off a chain reaction in the air.
    In all the Gin Joints?

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi Richard,
    I have been trying to contact you for years, mostly cuz I live in Albuquerque, NM and guess you do also? I always just wanted to meet you, and of course I have your books. Also, as a side minor interest my dad is retired from NASA in Cleveland from the Lewis Research Center. So I have more than a casual, average citizen interest. 

  3. Rifts Mean says:

    Hello.  Good morning or whatever time it is when you find this comment.
    Richard mentioned Lunar Waves.  I too was shown the video of whatever that phenomenon was.  I thought it just showed a glitch in the digital camera equipment or a glitch in the computer equipment used to make the video.  Found this page to answer the question and explain lunar wave phenomenon.
    I saw that video years ago, before I heard Richard talk about a dome completely enclosing the Moon, but after I read Richard’s articles about shattered shards of opalescent glass domes allegedly found on the Moon. Are they the same thing or different things?  Does Richard really believe it to be the haunted Moon Chain of Theosophy?  Thought it was the closest of the imaginary crystal spheres believed to surround Earth until astronomers figured out those crystal spheres do not exist.  Does Richard believe there is a “soul catcher” on the Moon like John Grace and John Lear said years ago?  Remember when Alex Collier prophesied the Moon would disappear?  Wonder what Richard thinks about Alex Collier’s other claims.
    Richard and Dr. Farrell spoke about Project Diana.  I remember I read something about the delayed echos of the radar signal bounced off the Moon explained as a response by friendly extraterrestrials based on or near Venus (Theosophy’s Lords of Venus?) who reacted to the experiment as if it was a distress call and somehow the story was incorporated into a version of the legends of Project Sigma and the Edwards Agreement, but I cannot find it again with web searches.  Anyway, remember when Christopher Knowles said Dianetics was named after Project Diana.  Is that true or false?
    The updated graph shows Barry-1 rising, confusingly contradicting news from one week ago which seemingly declared the experiment a failure.  Two weeks ago,  Mark Fiorentino expressed desire to collaborate with somebody with expertise in making capacitors.
    Somebody should put him in contact with IVO.  Is this like the E.M. Drive all over again, but this time in outer space, not in a laboratory?
    Thanks for this morning’s live podcast!  Looking forward to tonight’s show!

  4. ron k says:

    According to Quintus Smyrnaeus, Odysseus thought of building a great wooden horse (the horse being the emblem of Troy), hiding an elite force inside, and fooling the Trojans into wheeling the horse into the city as a trophy. Under the leadership of Epeius, the Greeks built the wooden horse in three days.


  5. Jennifer Deen says:

    So awesome having Joseph back! It has been too long! Huge fan of Joseph and Richard! Have many books from you both! Thanks for a great night, I wish it could last forever 💓 This is a grade A, one of a kind radio show. Okay I think I’m done brown nosing 😅 *swoons*

  6. nick says:

    to make sure they didn’t find money trails to this stuff

  7. nick says:

    like the top spook in the u.s.a. at the time of Watergate, one Bob Woodward

  8. Jay says:

    i’ve been listening to some interviews with Eric Hecker. what do you (Richard, Keith and co.) think of him? his website is

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