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Websites: New Energy MovementRevMount, Evolutionary YouTube Channel

Andrew Mount has a 25-year background in whole systems solutions, environmental science, and new-paradigm physics.  He has spent the last 6-years practicing permaculture and developing food security initiatives in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, his pastoral home.

Andrew’s social entrepreneurship efforts have been recognized by Dr. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Laureate) at the 2013 Oregon Social Business Challenge.  Andrew served as a key organizer in the successful campaign to ban GMOs in Jackson County, OR.

After his 9-year tenure as Secretary to Bruce DePalma and as Trustee of DePalma Institute. Andrew co-founded NewEnergyMovement.org (NEM) with Dr. Brian O’Leary and others, serving as an Associate Director and Adviser to NEM’s Board.  He is co-founder of Southern Oregon Slow Money and an organic farmer.  The development of advanced energy and propulsion systems remains an enduring passion, yet Andrew believes a biomass revolution to reforest and re-green the Earth is needed even more urgently than a second industrial revolution. The true Space Age does await the bold developers of new energy and the virtually untapped Forces behind their unconventional behavior.

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