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1- 17th fissure emitting steam and lava leads to more evacuations on Hawaii’s Big Island


2-   Astronaut Scott Kelly Saw The Unexplainable In Space


3-  The Enterprise Mission – Brookings Report


4-  New York Times on the Brookings Report  – Click on Image to Enlarge to READ

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Don Ecker

don-eckerDon Ecker is a writer/researcher/commentator currently living in the Los Angeles area. Serving as the former Director of Research and Media Liaison for UFO Magazine for 20 years, Ecker is an internationally renowned investigator of the UFO phenomenon. A former law enforcement officer and criminal investigator with over 10 years experience, he brought legitimacy to a field that has for years suffered being painted with a fringe brush. He has written numerous articles for the definitive UFO publication, UFO Magazine, as well as articles for international publications, the United Kingdom’s Fortean Times, Omni,   the Compuserve
System, and the ParaNet Computer Data Base.

Ecker became interested in the UFO question in 1966, when
along with several other people he was witness to a sighting of the
enigma. “It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and I
realized then that there was much more to this than the authorities
were letting on.”

After graduating from high school in 1968, Ecker attended
college for one year and then enlisted in the United States Army.
He was selected for the elite Army Security Agency, where he
volunteered for Special Operations. He served in Southeast Asia for
26 months, was wounded twice, decorated and then returned to the

He returned to college for another year, then applied to his
home town police department, where he became a officer.

In 1986, while a member of his department’s SWAT Team, Ecker
was wounded, which led to his retirement. While recuperating, he
started to research and write on the UFO mystery. As a criminal
investigator in 1982, he had been leading an investigation in of
several cattle mutilations, which Ecker later discovered where
somehow connected to the UFO mystery.

In 1989, during the International MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)
Conference in Las Vegas, Ecker presented a paper on his research.
He has appeared numerous times on the “Larry King Live” talk show
on CNN, and has been utilized repeatedly as an expert commentator
and technical adviser by NBC’s “Hard Copy,” Fox’s “A Current
Affair” and  recently was the technical adviser and on-screen
expert for the Fox Television “Sightings” program and ENCOUNTERS.
He has also appeared on CNBC’s “TALK AMERICA”, and the SCI FI
and during the Roswell Anniversary he was interviewed on “Entertainment
Tonight” and “EXTRA.” Ecker was a featured speaker at Nevada’s dedication of the
Extraterrestrial Highway during the premier of “Independence Day”, the summer
blockbuster of 1996.

Ecker hosted his own weekly national radio talk show, “UFOs
Tonite!,” on Cable Radio Network for five years, and most recently “STRANGE
DAZE” 5 nights a week on the Liberty Works Radio Network. Starting in January, 2004 Ecker and his good friend Dwight Schultz began a new national radio program called DARK MATTERS. Today Dark Matters Radio airs on the Cameo/CyberstationUSA Network. Ecker has been a guest on well over a thousand radio talk shows around the country.

Ecker brings important historical knowledge to the study of
the phenomenon. As he has stated, “The case for a conspiracy of
silence is there for all to see. All one has to do is to look to
the history of the U.S. Government and UFOs. The government, and
more specifically the U.S. Military, has always been aware of this
mystery and the potential danger and promise it might represent. We
as citizens have a right to know what is occurring, and what if
anything our government is doing about this enigma.”

Ecker is true to his word and ideas. In 1991, he broke one of
the biggest  UFO stories of the year. Investigating the 1988 Soviet
unmanned probes to Mars, Phobos I and II, Ecker uncovered an
amazing story of the Phobos II’s apparent encounter with a huge
unknown and the probe’s ultimate disappearance. He was able to
secure a photograph of the unknown from the Soviet Glavkosmos
Space Agency. He was asked to appear on NBC’s “Hard Copy” and
Live CNN’s “Larry King” to talk about this incident where he revealed
the photograph for the first time.

In 1992, Ecker once again broke one of the biggest UFO stories
of the year. Breaking it once again on “Hard Copy” and then
following it up on “Larry King Live,” Ecker brought to public
attention the amazing story of STS-48, the Discovery shuttle
mission photographing UFO enigmas in earth orbit, and the drastic
maneuvers the unknowns took when “something” appeared to shoot at

Ecker was a police officer and investigator with over 10 years
experience, and former MUFON State Section Director and
Investigator. He has written articles and been published in
numerous national and international publications. He has also been
a resident book reviewer for UFO Magazine where he has displayed a
critical and insightful in-depth analysis of various new works in
the UFO field.

Ecker has been utilized as a technical advisor for “Larry King
Live” on CNN, has been a technical advisor and on screen
commentator on NBC’s “Hard Copy” on a dozen shows, has advised and
appeared on Fox’s “A Current Affair”, has been used as senior story
consultant and technical advisor on Fox’s “Sightings”, and been
used as a technical advisor on “Oprah Winfrey”. He has appeared on
the Mo Gaffney Show and Hard Copy. He was a consultant for the Fox
television program “Encounters” and  appeared on EXTRA in
connection with the film “Independence Day” and on
Entertainment Tonight in connection with their show “Paranormal Borderline”.

Ecker conducted PR and personal appearances in behest of
Paramount’s motion picture release “Fire in the Sky.” In January of
1995 the Disney Company in Orlando, Florida asked Ecker to set up
an international two week program with the top UFO researchers in
the world to introduce their new alien attraction. It was a hit.
20th Century FOX’s summer blockbuster “INDEPENDENCE DAY” asked
Ecker to sit on the panel being held in connection with the opening
of the renamed Highway 375 to the “EXTRATERRESTRIAL Highway” that
straddles Nevada’s legendary Area 51. Along with stars from the
film and Nevada Governor Bob Miller, Ecker was asked to lend his
expertise to the project.

Ecker has addressed the UFO mystery in domestic and
international lectures. He has spoken in Vienna, Austria at the
first international symposium of Vienna, in Sheffield, England at the
BUFORA conference in 1997,  the Mutual UFO Network in
Las Vegas, the UFORUM society in Los Angeles and speaking
engagements, radio and television, throughout the United States.

He has recently completed a novel titled Past Sins that is published by Gateway Publishing. The novel is currently under consideration by a major production house for a movie or television series. More can be learned at Amazon

Ecker ‘s show“Dark Matters Radio” , is broadcast on Friday and Saturday evenings at 5:00 PM Pacific for two hours.  The link to the archive page is .

Website: Dark Matters Radio


Dark Matters Facebook Fan page

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  1. Doug Trieber says:

    Wow I have just seen the most convincing YT vid on ETs on the moon. I now believe Apollo 13 was escorted around the moon and back until they were home free safe, all the while the aliens (who were there studying Earth) were prepared to transfer them to their ship.

    • Doug Trieber says:

      btw, The more things change…
      The CIA threatening astronauts not to talk about what they’ve seen in public with their lives, and their families?
      If/When disclosure happens, stuff like this will come out. Maybe they’re waiting until all the Apollo associates are gone. To keep interest in Mars, they had to disclose there’s liquid water there. They got their funding. What will they disclose for the next budget?

  2. We need to see the video Mr. Ecker is describing. Possible?

  3. John Ostanes says:

    Could Mr. Ecker, and Mr. Hoagland if he’s familiar with the case, comment on the story Mr. Ecker broke about Vito Saccheri?

  4. John Ostanes says:

    Please ask Mr. Ecker to tell us more about his experience described above on this website as: ” In January of 1995 the Disney Company in Orlando, Florida asked Ecker to set up an international two week program with the top UFO researchers in the world to introduce their new alien attraction. It was a hit.”

  5. Dan says:

    5/13/18; Two questions for Dr. Farrell.

    Ayn Rand defined consciousness as “that faculty which perceives that which exists.”

    Question 1: What is your definition of consciousness, Dr. Farrell?

    Question 2: If your definition of consciousness, Dr. Farrell, differs from Ayn Rand’s, then what is incorrect about her definition?

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