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My primary guest tonight — investigative reporter and author, Ray McGinnis — has written an extraordinary history of “911” … and the literally “thousands of questions” posed by the surviving families of the almost 3000 victims, questions that have repeatedly, officially gone unanswered … if not simply ignored — for an entire generation.

One recent review:

“It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of this book. It is a tour de force that blows away twenty years of U.S. government lies and obfuscations about the mass murders of September 11, 2001, the foundational event of recent times that claimed thousands of victims whose relatives still cry out for truth and justice.

“Reading Unanswered Questions will roil you to the depths of your soul and illuminate your mind, as Ray McGinnis presents fact after fact, backed up by almost one thousand endnotes and twelve years of meticulous research. There is nothing speculative about this book.

“It is not a ‘conspiracy theory.’

“McGinnis ingeniously and brilliantly documents those murders through the eyes of victims’ relatives and their decades-long, agonizing efforts to seek honest answers from the U.S. government. To have their simple and obvious questions answered–

“To know the truth about why their loved ones died … and who killed them.”

Join us.

Richard C. Hoagland


Ray McGinnis


Educated in political science, religious studies, and history, Ray McGinnis graduated with a B.A. at the University of Toronto. He also earned a Diploma in Christian Education from the Centre for Christian Studies. He was an educator with the United Church of Canada, working at their national office for 9 years. He subsequently worked at the Naramata Centre in rural British Columbia. From 1999 to 2020 he taught writing workshops. He is the author of Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry. McGinnis is interested in the stories we tell, the ones we ignore, and how this shapes our worldview.
On September Eleventh, Ray McGinnis was at an adult retreat with 60 Americans in Joshua Tree, California. Seven years later, he discovered Kristen Breitweiser’s memoir, Wake-Up Call. A constant consumer of the news, he was surprised to learn that September Eleventh families had pressed for an investigation into the attacks. He was surprised mainstream news sources he relied on ignored this news story or kept it off the radar. This led McGinnis to delve further into the questions raised by the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission. The search for information led him to uncover more open-source material and the range of views among September Eleventh family members. It has led him to reflect on what it means to live in a post-9/11 world, and the narratives we trust.

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Barbara Honegger, M.S., Lawyers’ Committee Board Co-Chair

Website: Barbara Honegger, M.S. has served in high-level Government positions including White House Policy Analyst, Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, Director of the Attorney General’s Law Review at the Department of Justice, and for more than a decade was the Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the Department of Defense. Barbara is Chairman of the Board and Investigative Researcher with the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. Since Sept. 11th she has been a leading author, documentarian, public speaker and major activist on the events of 9/11 with emphasis on the Pentagon Attack and Anthrax Attacks, including presentations and speaking tours in the U.S. Europe and Canada. Barbara researched, scripted and produced the video documentaries ‘Behind The Smoke Curtain: What Happened at The Pentagon, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters’ and ‘The 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour’, both with over 250,000 views on YouTube. The Walking Tour uses the actual exhibit items in the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero itself to prove that the Official Story of Sept. 11th is false. She is also the visionary for and physically executed the iconic ‘Third Beam’ Spotlight shown into the NYC skyline on the 9th Anniversary of the attacks that has become the icon for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Truth Movement worldwide. Barbara is also a national whistleblower. Her pioneering book October Surprise, the first on the topic subsequently confirmed by formerly classified documents and deathbed confessions of key conspirators, led to an official Congressional re-investigation of the Iran side of the Iran-Contra scandal funded at the level of the 9/11 Commission. Ms. Honegger earned Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University; a Master of Science in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University; and Masters level certification in National Security Decision making from the Naval War College. She has twice run as a Candidate for Congress for the central coast district of California, most recently on a 9/11 Truth Platform.

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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

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The Presidential Briefing


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Show Items

Co-Hosted by Barbara Honegger and Kynthea


Richard’s Items:

1. Photos Show The Chaos, Heartbreak Of 9/11 Attacks



2. A little girl I knew was on the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Her death changed the course of my life as America changed forever.



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Ray’s Item:




2. Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission’s
Website with the main page about their unanswered questions:


3. Family Steering Committee member, Kristen Breitweiser’s memoir,
Wake-Up Call: The Political Education of a 9/11 Widow, which was the catalyst for my going to their website and learning about all the questions the 9/11 Commission never addressed.

Plus their nearly 50 press releases to the media during the course of the inquiry:


4. Researcher Paul Thompson’s website

 which is the current iteration of his original website launched in the spring of 2002. Thompson’s website, which was later adapted for his book The Terror Timeline, was a key resource for numbers of members of the Family Steering Committee to help them form questions to give to the 9/11 Commission. 


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Barbara’s Item:

1. The 9/11 Museum Virtual Walking Tour
Script and Direction by Barbara Honegger, M.S.

Narration by Barbara Honegger and Bonnie Faulkner

The Walking Tour Uses The Actual Exhibit Items

In The 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero Itself

To Prove The Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 Is a Lie

with more than 220,000 Views on YouTube



2. Behind The Smoke Curtain: What Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters
Video Documentary by Barbara Honegger, M.S.



3. Video of Just Barbara Honegger’s Presentation:



4. From 9/11-Anthrax to The Pandemic: Life and Liberty In The Balance Full Sept. 11th 2021 Global Livestream Event by the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry.

For The Presentation by Barbara Honegger

‘Seven Days in September: The Anthrax Links to 9/11 Itself’

Go to 1:27:35 min. in to 2:14:20 min. in.



5. “Eyewitnesses for and Evidence of Explosives at The Pentagon” 
By Barbara Honegger, M.S.
Chapter 13 in The Toronto [9/11] Hearings Report, 
Proceedings of The International Hearings on The Events of September 11, 2001, held in Toronto, Canada on the Tenth Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks 



6. Video of Full Presentation by Barbara Honegger, M.S. at  
The Toronto 9/11 Hearings, Sept. 11, 2011, Toronto, Canada
The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 Uncut – Barbara Honegger





7. The Toronto Hearings Report, with Chapters by the Speakers at The Hearings
Available on at 



8. Plane Banner Over East River with NYC Skyline Buildings – Sept. 12, 2021


Plane Banner with The Statue of Liberty


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Fast links to Items: RichardRayBarbara
Fast links to Bios: RayBarbara

4 Comments so far:

  1. MrBlack says:

    Ya, I happen to agree. I have watched the cover-ups from JFK, RFK, MLK, 911, and now the newest false flag Covid and all the incompetence, bribes, payoffs and I can see in the eyes of the TV politicians and TV Doctors that they are AFRAID, VERY AFRAID and not of any virus but of the people/creatures that have a gun to their or their families heads for them to toe the line and spew the official narrative. None of  the real truths about any and all of these cover-ups has had any effect because the MSM simply is in on all of it and/or equally controlled and/or OWNED by these dark, evil, cover-up creatures in control of everything. I know covid is a false flag because I heard Anderson Cooper announce it in 2017 (ONE TIME ONLY) as a simulation/exercise. These creatures seem to, by their own inside laws, have to tell the world what they are going to do to everyone, but only one time and as short a truth as they can. They do not have to advertise that over and over and over again like they do with whatever BULLSHIT they want us the sheeple to believe. And since they control the MSM as well, there is no defense for the sheeple left. No MSM Investigative Journalism exists anymore, nor has since Watergate. These creatures own and control everything and can and will cover up the most disgusting of crimes they commit which will never be uncovered. They make the LAWS, they own the Judges, they own congress, they own the senate, they own and control it all, and they make the LAWS that get enforced no matter how unjust those laws/mandates are. As long as they are in control, we the people have no chance if we ever did, and they will NEVER give up that control! NEVER! And it can not be taken away from them either. They will destroy everything to keep their control, and then it won’t matter!

  2. Jay says:

    QUESTION FOR BOTH GUESTS——-a lot of us see Covid as 911 part 2—–what is your opinion 

    • MrBlack says:

      Jay, it is my opinion that covid started as a simulation, since I heard Anderson Cooper announce it in 2017 as such. However, by now they have turned it into the real thing… a bioweapon, which is what I believe they actually planned from the start and now have put into the JABS that people have been given and why they are PUSHING so hard to get everyone jabbed with it. As for 911 Part 2, Who knows? It’s part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 that much is OBVIOUS! I just wonder when they are going to throw the kill switch and switch OFF everyone who has been jabbed? My guess is 2025 for that.

  3. MrBlack says:

    I missed the first 5 minutes… or the opening of tonight’s show, so I did not hear the reason that Richard is absent tonight? Imagine my surprise when the always wonderful and talented ‘K’ was hosting the show because… ‘the show must go on.’ I Can’t wait to hear what new disaster struck Richard this time? (grins) Maybe ‘K’ will reply with that bit of info? K? I doubt anything new about 911 will be reveled to me, as I am caught up on this big SCAM/FRAUD literally one day after it happened. But I will be listening, just in case I do learn something new. And… hello to everyone.

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