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FILM: NASA Revealed (Pt. 1 & 2 of 3)

A conversation with Richard Hoagland


This video series is full of rare photos and a thorough background rich in detail and graphics, Hoagland joins the forum to account for indisputable facts regarding NASA.

Some of the topics dealt with in part 1 are:• What’s Torsion physics & what’s the significance of 19,5?
• Why was NASA founded? Is NASA really military behind its civilian facade?
• What did Brookings advice regarding extra-terrestrial discoveries?
• Was JFK & Khrushchev removed due to their then covert plan to cooperate in space & reveal what the Deep State had found?
• What are they hiding on the moon?
• Could the Black Knight satellite be a remnant of Antediluvian technology?
• Did our ancestors colonize the solar system?
• Did humans live on Mars? The update on this stunning body of work to be revealed in his/Enterprisemission’s new book…”The Hidden History of Mars: A War in Heaven

 Part One:   

Part Two:

 Part Three:

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