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Ariane Smolderen

Graduated in photography of Art at the Institute St Luc in Liège, Belgium.
Ariane Smolderen worked for various magazines, has been edited in some prestigious books and produced portraits, reportages, music covers, fashion photography, advertising posters, etc.

Many remarkable exhibitions attracted the interest of the Art critics: “Portraits in Flight” at the Bains in Paris, “Hanging Portraits” at the space of Nino Cerruti, “The Purgatory of the Careless” at the Gallery Pilzer in Paris, “Chet Baker” at the St Germain Jazz Festival in Paris, “Blue Color” (about Gnawa musicians from Morocco) at the Hotel Scribe in Paris, “Angel or Devil” in Monaco, and many others.

Currently, Ariane has been presenting a series of portraits for an exhibition and a book about the situation of contemporary women and men, a look at the feminine condition with 30 portraits of people who agreed to reveal their shadows that were keeping them “slaves of their own mind”.