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Arun Selvaraj

Arun Selvaraj grew up in India and graduated from Madurai University with a degree in chemistry. His interest in computers and computer programming led him on a journey from his homeland to the United States where he worked for 5 years in Spokane, Washington as a software engineer. Eventually he was transferred to North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he now resides with family.

Coming from a country of over 1.3 billion people where in some sectors the caste system still holds true, Arun realized early that his departure from his small town of Tamil Nadu was a mixed blessing. India is large, beautiful and deeply rich in ancient history – and it was home. But by stepping away and moving halfway around the globe, Arun soon realized he was positioned for a unique perspective as an individual straddling both East and West sensibilities. The India-Pakistan conflict was and is still an ongoing concern for Arun, due to his family and friends who reside in India, and therefore he has been a keen observer of the situation. When the recent skirmish between the nations occurred and it was reported that the Indian pilot who was shot down by the Pakistani military was from his own hometown, Arun took an even closer look at what really might be happening in South Asia. It has led him to some fascinating ancient cosmic speculations.