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David Lindsay is a Canadian from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He now resides in a gorgeous area of the Okanagan.
David has been involved in freedom issues for approx 30 yrs.
He began learning that income tax was unconstitutional and shortly thereafter discovered the most important criminal activity in our society ~ usury. David learned about how the financial system truly works by creating money from nothing and demanding payment and compound interest which of course is never created at source, only the principle.
David then started C.L.E.A.R., the Common Law Education and Rights Initiative. As the name implies, the organization advocates for a correct understanding and application of the common law, which surprisingly to many comes from The Bible.
David wrote his first book, Rights Denied, on the nature of our Constitutional Right to the free use of public highways. Other books on disclosure law in Canada and the only book on how to lay private criminal charges in Canada, The Annotated Criminal Charging Procedure in Canada. In addition, David created a 6 part DVD series called, Freedom is the Denial of Personhood.
Most importantly, he deals with the Coronation Oath of the Monarch which severely limits the power to pass legislation that denies us any of our rights and freedoms.
David has helped many in the court system, and has been successful on a large number of criminal and civil cases. He remains active in these issues, climate change fraud and now the Covid-19 scam. He is the organizer of weekly Kelowna (pronounced Kah–low-na) rallies, an Activist, Truth Seeker, and Educator.