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Holger has done system operation and consulting around Java-based enterprise applications since 1999 in Germany and moved in 2016 to Silicon Valley, now solving customer problems at a company specialized on providing high performance Java VMs. In his spare time he is applying software engineering skills on public data provided by Mars spaceflight missions.

With working on data provided by Mars missions as an independent researcher, he investigated Martian mysteries since the 1997 Pathfinder landing mission. Since then offered public software services and tools followed, like true color photo browsers over the Pathfinder and Spirit & Opportunity missions or space mission raw image converters. Data archeology on historic Viking Lander camera tapes was also one project. It is difficult to convince him about other sky colors of Mars than human-friendly blue.

Since the 2012 Curiosity landing, he has been an active participant on Mars Society conventions with posters and talks and in addition a member of the local group in Mountain View, California. Aside from spaceflight technology, traveling to ancient sites is one of his interests and wondering about ancient engineering achievements in Egypt and South America. In 2005 he acquired at the University Dortmund, the German Diploma in Computer Science and secondary topic Electrical Engineering.