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How does a kid that grew up in what once was a very large Apricot orchard in the middle of what is now Silicon Valley become an authority on Area 51, the Blackbirds and things that go bump in the night. It’s a simple three part strategy:

1- Your Dad came into your room, you’re five years old and says….”I don’t know what’s coming, but we have to see it.” You go outside and what is coming over the Coast Mountains? Not one or two, but 24 Convair B-36s.

2- You are now seven, your best friends Dad is base Commander at Moffett Field NAS. You get locked in the cockpit of the Lockheed XF-104 that was in the Big Hangar 1 after being tested in the NACA Ames wind tunnels, and you get locked in the cockpit and the SPs need to get you out.

3- You are TDY to Edwards AFB a dozen or so years later. You are there to install and maintain ground based telemetry for Cat 1 testing for three programs. Two of which you know about, the other is still classified. It’s March 10, 1964, and you see it for the very first time, a Lockheed Blackbird in full burner and you are never the same.

That kid was me…….Jim Goodall