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Jill Benzer

Jill Benzer is a native New Yorker, born raised and residing all of the decades since, in Manhattan, NYC. For more than thirty years she has been self-employed as a personal assistant to the elderly. As a young adult, she began the journey of learning Tai Chi, which continues to this day. Family, friends, neighborhood, and cultural institutions have been at the center of her life and endeavors.

Early in adult life, a quest evolved to discover the natural world and natural history of New York City, which eventually led to a BS degree in Biodiversity studies from the CUNY Graduate Center. Most importantly, the ability to live with an ever-deepening awareness of, connection to, and participation in the care for/education about the natural heritage of all the five boroughs has evolved. She has become a citizen naturalist/botanist and urban parks explorer.

She has a special dedication to New York City, and appreciation for its people. Thank you to the hosts of The Other Side of the News for the opportunity to share perspectives from New York City on the most unusual events in our world in recent times.