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Rhawn Gabriel Joseph Ph.D.

Life on Mars and Venus (Book):

Dr. Joseph is one of the leading figures in the search for extraterrestrial life. Dr. Joseph has led teams of nearly two dozen other scientists in the search for life on Mars and has found evidence of Martian Mushrooms, Lichens, Algae, and fossils of Metazoans and tube worms in Gale Crater. He is one of two scientists who have found evidence (but as yet no conclusive proof) of life on Venus, i.e. fungi.

Dr. Joseph began his professional scientific career in the 1970s when he proved and published what were then, major controversial discoveries: 1) neuroplasticity and recovery of function in the primate brain, 2) the hormonal basis of sex differences, 3) early environmental influences on primate brain neuronal-synaptic connections, competition between neurons, and neural-perceptual development in primates, 4) the effects of enriched vs deprived early environmental influences on intelligence, memory, learning, curiosity and visual functioning, 5) Split-Brain – Dual Mental Functioning in Adults and Children following split-brain surgery (see Joseph 1978, 1980, Joseph et al. 1978, 1979; Joseph & Gallagher, 1980; Joseph & Casagrande 1978, 1980; Casagrande & Joseph 1978, 1980). These major discoveries–many of which were thought to be impossible at the time– have been repeatedly replicated and are now considered “common sense.”

Over the following decades, Plaintiff published major scientific studies in the fields of neuroscience, brain and child development, evolution, quantum physics, consciousness, genetics, and astrobiology. He has been invited to speak at major universities including the University of California at Berkeley, his works have been reprinted by prestigious medical schools and universities including Harvard, and his works have received the highest praise by numerous scientific journals and the American Library Association.

Between 2014 and 2020, he published evidence of what appears to be fungi, algae, and lichens on the surface of Mars. In 2019 and 2020 Plaintiff led a team of 17 of the world’s experts, including scientists with the Harvard-Smithsonian Dept. of Astrophysics, and the University of California, and prestigious universities in Italy, England, Germany, and the National Research Council in Italy and National Academy of Sciences in France and Poland, and has published additional evidence of fungi, algae, lichens, stromatolites, and microfossils on the surface of Mars; and, in 2019, evidence of what may be fungi on the surface of Venus. Dr. Joseph’s research on the possibility of life on Venus and Mars has been widely read within the scientific community and has drawn the attention of members of the Nobel Prize committee and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.