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Tanya Gaw

Action4Canada website:

Tanya Gaw is a committed Christian and defender of faith, family, and freedom. She was born and raised in Canada. Tanya’s parents were immigrants from England and the Netherlands. They were very grateful to live in Canada and they instilled in her a deep love for their nation. She has two adult children, a son, 27, and a daughter, 25.

Tanya is the founder of Action4Canada, a grassroots, not for profit organization committed to upholding the Canadian constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Her greatest mission is to declare that Canada is founded on Judeo Christian principles which were inherited through our British Commonwealth, embedded in our Magna Carta, forming our laws and our values. It is a system of governance that sets us apart from totalitarian, extremist and communist regimes and because of it…we have the freedom to believe…or not to believe…without fear of persecution, and even death.

The “Foundation” of democratic governments are under attack because tyrannical forces cannot reign where the rule of law and democracy exist.

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  1. David says:

    Great listening to your podcast with Rocco Galati, please update postal codes on email sign ups to include international codes, I live in New Zealand lol

  2. JP says:

    I came across the site and noticed political Islam and omission for political Judaism. If you’re worried about Islam how about taking care of the people opening the gates for the invader. Not even talking about their policies driving transgenderism and other numerous abuse of our kids, including normalization of pedophilia. 

  3. tara says:


    • Arlene says:

      Hi there I have some EXTREMELY Important information for our case

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      Hero turned Zero

      Abviated due to usual FB stuff

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      Pls put into different format asap

      We the people
      Dr David Martin fact checking update on Canadian conflict of interest.
      Corrected to AP press false checkers lady’s name Ali?

      Needs to be seen asap before taken down n silenced
      Put into different format plus do the same for all evidence pls quickly

  4. J David Lush says:

    Good evening Tanya. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation last night with Dr. Charles Hoffe. You and the team brought to the front some very critical and important information. Thank you so much for all that you doing in order to bring sanity back to this nation. Prayers for you and the team are ascending. Many blessings 🙏 

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