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THE FILE NAME FOR THE SHOW IS:  2016-10-11_Roger-Stone_-_PoliticsDebates_&_Wikileaks_OSOM.mp3 THE FULL 2 SHOW This Saturday Night’s show (August 25) is an “Other Side of Midnight” Classic: My first interview with Roger Stone, the President’s long-time (~40 year) friend and advisor — aired at the height of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. We’ve left the show EXACTLY as it was that night — with “Hillary” … her “missing e-mails” … and Trump’s radical campaigning “style” — all faithfully presented as we aired it, live, almost two years ago …. Feels like twenty! Our Plan this weekend is to compare Roger’s ~2-year-old statements and positions “then,” with the current status of the Trump Administration … as we explore on Sunday night (Aug 26) the confounding mystery of “Q” — and “his/their” intensely controversial, highly “symbolic interpretation” of Trump’s unending tweets and Executive Decisions …. Join us …. Richard C. Hoagland Richard’s Items 1.  2016 […]