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Live Shows

The Other Side of Midnight is live every Saturday and Sunday night at 9PM Pacfic, 10PM Mountain, 11PM Central, and Midnight Eastern.

To listen visit our page on Blogtalk Radio when it is time for the show to start.

If you click the play button before the top of the hour when the show starts it will play a previous show automatically. If this happens be sure to refresh the page after the top of the hour and then click play again.

Currently Playing

2018/1/14 – Neal Adams – Is The Universe — Including, Every Star, Planet And Moon … Currently Growing– Because Of “Continuous Creation?”


2018/01/13 – Gordon White – Rethinking Panspermia: Could ‘Oumuamua Really Be …
An Ancient ET “Seedship?


Many Thanks to Chris Spell – a 19.5 member
who graciously volunteered to create and host our podcast.
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Note: Only Members have access to the Podcast.
All new shows in the membership archives and podcast will be
free of commercials and sound enhanced.