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We’re pleased to welcome back weapons expert, Mark Steele, to report on the continuing trials, tribulations and court victories in exposing and stopping the lethal use of 5G. We will also be discussing the ever-expanding 5G narrative.

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Documented Cases of the Harmful Impact of Wireless Exposure on Our Health and the Health of Our Children should give one caution. Yet, New York is moving forward with plans to install Dangerous 5G Antennas in Brooklyn, Queens,

Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island.  This is to be a prototype for other cities to follow…

Everyday, we are being bathed with microwave radiation from cell phones, laptops, routers, tablets, cell phone towers, “smart” utility meters, and all of our “smart” devices.

As much as 30% of the population already suffers from Electromagnetic Sensitivity to harmful microwave radiation – intentionally emitted by a myriad of wireless devices – we are exposed to this radiation on a daily basis.

What is the solution to these stealth signals ? How can we protect our Health?

Tonight we are joined by Odette Wilkens, President and Co-founder of Wired Broadband, Inc, who leads the growing Opposition to the Thousands of Dangerous Jumbo 5G Antennas Proposed for New York City. She will lay bare the Battle of 5G and outline positive actions we can take.



The public is becoming increasingly aware of Truth about Maritime Law dominating our rights on Land.

If you think you own your own home… Think again!

Ron Gibson, a highly experienced Constitutional Lawyer, who is well versed in Property Ownership, helps us see through the intricacies and intentional obfuscation in this field.

So hopefully we can let that ship ‘run aground’ – so we can run ours.



As tensions continue to red-line with global focus now on – what is termed by many – as the Holy Land – there is a more apparent division emerging between the will of many Western Puppet Leaders and that of the People…

Since the (arguably provoked / unprovoked) HAMAS attack on Israel of 7th October – numerous Israeli retaliatory attacks have resulted in countless deaths and the release of only a small percentage of the estimated 200 Israeli hostages…

Thanks once again to Cabal-Controlled 24/7 News coverage – many of us remain at the mercy of the highly-biased and fear-mongering media channels – and true to form – as with almost every war to date – the first victim is the Truth – while the conflict’s eventual History is written by the hand of it’s Victors…

Under the backdrop of numerous Navy ships – sent by – and showing the might of various nations – are now moored-off the coast, Fleets of Fighter Jets are on standby and Thousands of Ground Forces with modern Rockets and Artillery at their disposal – the Israeli forces are poised to enter Gaza…

In the meantime – the continued destructive wave of displacing these people – southward – is catalysed by seemingly pin-point raids and the wholesale mass destruction of their city buildings in the north…

As this latest conflict enters its third week – Palestinian people – with an average age of 18 – are without Water, Food, Electricity, Communications, and Medical Supplies… which are basic human rights.

While many world puppet leaders seem hell-bent on offering their full support to Benjamin Netanyahu’s 6th Government (a very questionable individual) – it is difficult to not draw parallels with many of the same puppet leaders rolling out similar – unending support – to Zalenski of the Ukraine (who holds an equally chequered – all be it – less experienced past…)

All the while – People of all nationalities, religion, colour and ethnic origins flood the streets around the globe to demonstrate their dissatisfaction…

It is challenging – on face value – to understand the fundamental reasoning behind these atrocities – of this multi-faceted reflection of humanity – that originates deep in our past…

Join us this evening – to listen to our special return guest – Dr Richard Spence – an esteemed historian and author – who will offer valuable context, discuss and shed light on the origins of this conflict – with a view to Disentangle Division and bring Lasting Peace.



The WHO Pandemic Treaty will become enforced by law in less than 6 months – to not only decide IF and WHERE Pandemic Protocal should be instated – but ALSO to then Govern and Enforce these regions of the planet where these states of PLANdemic are introduced.

This will place the WHO in a position of Absolute Power &  Tyranny.

If you choose to ignore this, You – indeed – WE all could very soon end up being segregated within 15 minute (city) boundaries – being surveilled and controlled by Digital ID, Digital Money and the myriad of Digital Tracking systems – ultimately attempting to manipulate and blackmail us all to join the Klaus Schwab lead World Economic Forum’s Flock – or worse be rejected and punished as inmates in the new array of FEMA Camps.

We are delighted to be joined tonight by James Roguski – who is actively bringing awareness to this key milestone in the current chapter of human history – all with a view to subvert this latest WHO PowerGrab…

Join us to make up your own mind – while you still can!



We are delighted to be joined – once again – by our return special guest Max Igan, who will offer us an up-to-date report on the latest events in Gaza

Following a new wave of large scale violence and continuing atrocities in the Middle East

We will discuss the origins of the extreme power play, that are so imperative to understand, behind this highly-manipulated crucible of misery

While the majority of us will never condone – deception, theft, violence, rape, murder, genocide and warfare –

This week – the voices of World Leaders amplified through Mainstream Media – together with Millions of world citizens via Social Media – seem to be demanding – nothing short of highly-vindictive Genocide and even War Crimes

Are these latest acts of extreme violence systematic of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine ? Or has there been a hidden-hand at work – stirring-up extra venom at this particular point in time – in an attempt to provide the West with a ‘dignified off-ramp’ from the ongoing Ukraine Conflict – and – to potentially slow-down the rapidly growing momentum with the BRICS Group ?

Join us tonight – as we park our emotions for the next couple of hours – with the aim to extract truth from the smokescreen of global propaganda – to bring awareness – and to hopefully highlight a possible roadmap towards finding long-lasting peace…




Following our recent controversial show with Bart Sibrel regarding the validity of NASA’s 1969-1972 Moon Landings, ‘Eclipse of the Truth’…

We continue in a similar vein to uncover what really happened – by seeing through ‘eyes wide open’ of experienced photo analysts who have kindly volunteered from the Enterprise Imaging Team

We examine numerous detailed studies of ‘Lunar Artefacts’ with a view to discuss the very broad back story that remains obscured by mainstream media during / after the Apollo Space Programme – and beyond…

Join us tonight for our latest edition,
‘Elephant on the M🌙🌝N’


How many times do we still hear references about the giant leap Astronauts allegedly made on the surface of the moon some 54 years ago ?

Have you ever wondered how these highly challenging missions were pulled-off at relatively short notice ?

Are you even slightly suspicious about why NASA has only ever released poor quality 4th generation video and a relatively small collection of highly edited photos ?

How would the world look today if this key event was partially staged ?

Like to hear the back story !

Tonight we are delighted to be joined by our controversial guest, Bart Sibrel

Join us to learn a great deal more from his unique perspective on the Apollo Space Program and much more…


Anna, reports from New York on the migrant crisis that continues to flood the streets of New York City with no official plan in sight. New York actively demonstrates how American cities are collapsing from the migrant invasion. The depopulation of Americans with the Jab bioweapon and the systematic replacement with Illegals has New Yorkers inflamed with outrage. Schools are being flooded with migrant children in poor health, many with drug-resistant TB, Vets are being kicked out of their rooms to make room for illegal migrants, and hordes of young militant men are sleeping on the streets …meanwhile the Mayor does nothing.

Join us as we explore the possible outcomes, impacts and resolutions.

Dr Paul Elias Alexander – What Goes Around Comes Around

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander’s connecting flight was delayed and we were not been able to reach him.

We continued with a lively conversation ranging from an update on the Lahaina Fires, False Flags, Bank Failures, Grain Silo Fires, Ukraine and Grain, Trump Indictments, Plandemic 2, to Saudi Arabia Peace Talks.



The New World Order, is it really for the benefit of humankind?
Together with our esteemed guest, Dr. Richard B. Spence, we navigate through the currents of Global Events, seeking the Truth amidst the uncertainties of the narrative we are being sold. History? What history? …Things are really not what they seem.


Meet Christopher James, our esteemed guest who join us to shed light on the often-confused concepts of Legal and Lawful, and introduce us to the mysterious ‘Straw Man’. Prepare to be enlightened as Christopher delves into the global financial landscape, unveiling the alarming truth about our rights and the relentless control efforts of Global Finance Institutions. But fear not, our lively discussion will equip you with the knowledge to protect yourself from deceit and fraud. So join us and get ready for an eye-opening discussion that will empower you with the tools to navigate the murky waters of the financial world.


Tonight our repeat guest, Robert Morningstar, a passionate advocate for uncovering the hidden truths that shape our world, joins us for a panel discussion on  “The Other Side of the News.”  Together, we will delve deep into the heart of the matter – the Ukrainian war and the insidious control exerted by the Global Elite. As we explore the roots of this global crisis, we will also shed light on how our collective awareness can serve as a powerful catalyst for change. Get ready to embark on a journey that will challenge your preconceptions and ignite your passion to reclaim our freedoms. Buckle up fellow truth-seekers, the journey starts now.


Judy Mikovitz, a renowned figure in the medical field, has made waves with her groundbreaking research and profound insights surrounding the Covid vaccine. With an unwavering commitment to exposing the truth, she has fearlessly challenged the prevailing narrative and shed light on the hidden agendas at play. Her successes have not only sparked a global conversation but have also empowered individuals to question the status quo and demand transparency.

Join us as we navigate through the complexities of this controversial topic and discover the impact of Mikovitz’s work.


The Other Side of the News is honored to be a participant in the Scandinavian “Northern Light Convention 2023.”

The virtual and live conference includes 40+ speakers, many big international names, including two generals from the US Army, numerous doctors, authors, politicians, activists and lawyers who are currently working on all fronts including trials on the crimes committed against humanity.


With the world on the verge of Financial Collapse, our guest tonight, Debra Caruthers will reveal some unexpected players hiding behind the scenes of this orchestrated Black Swan event.

What is our way forward? How can we bring any kind of stability to an ever changing landscape?

Join us crossing the Rubicon, leaving the Central Banks System behind.


How does one forge their way through adversity?

Our guest tonight, Stephan Subero, a Latin/Caribbean singer-songwriter, has done exactly that.

He and his family survived the devastating category 5 storm where in one day…Hurricane Maria reduced to rubble their home, their community and their health and eco conscious retreat center located off the grid in The Caribbean rainforest of Dominica…
virtually dismembering their dream oasis.

Stephan and his wife used this event for transformation…

Join us to learn what is on the Other Side of Catastrophe.


Tonight we are joined by Donald Wolf who is an innovative and highly experienced Experimental Technician – who wishes to share his first-hand account how his health negatively changed overnight – was diagnosed with Long Covid – and his swift recovery once he found the correct protocol… all with a view to expose the true path back to health – which along the way also highlights how many of the mainstream views were ineffective and or false.


It’s hard to ignore the Energy question.

Our own esteemed, Keith Morgan, shares with us some exciting insights about the development of innovative energy technologies that could provide solutions for our survival.

We All Have Concerns for our Planet’s Well-Being and Energy Resources. What to do about the Energy Crisis?  

There is a way.

New breakthroughs that will change everything. Join us as Keith opens our eyes…




TOSN Show Catalog:
17 – 16151413121110987654321