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Gale-City-Pyramid-Complex-annotated        Gale-City-WTC-Comp




3. The Nassikas Superconducting Lorentz Thruster: Levitation with essentially zero power draw and heavy payload capability – The Sphinx Stargate

4. Pennsylvania judge orders Cosby to trial on sexual assault charge

5. Trump Protesters Smash Door Break Through Barriers 

6. Police Disperse Protests Near Trump Event in California

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8. Paul Kocyla EM Drive

Dave’s Items:
1. Roger Shawyer EM Drive
2. Roger Shawyer EM Drive




8. A posting today that links to a new requirement for NASA to start Interstellar Research
9. EM Drive Wiki
10. The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive Thruster


Dave Distler Bio

Something beckoned me to begin reading every book I could about space exploration even as a little kid. I recall getting something called The Encyclopedia Yearbook which had the year’s important stories. I was always drawn to the space exploration articles. In 1966 when Star Trek first appeared, I was drawn to it like moths to a fire. I began to build model rockets, begged for a cheap telescope and was finally rewarded with one. I spent hours on end on cold fall and winter nights simply pointing it at every object in the sky I could find. I had dreams of what was really out there and how I could become part of it. Men went to the moon just about the time I discovered girls and the girls won.




Afterwards, life happened. My career took me into Electronics while I raised my family. All the while, space kept calling me yet…I gave it no time. Then in 2014 an old fashion local Newspaper changed my focus. Here in Cleveland, Dr Harold White of Nasa announced that he had been working on something he called the Q-Thruster. Basically, an RF cavity the invoked quantum interactions and moved without expending fuel.



No way, I thought. Then I read and researched more. I was hooked. The little design information I could find told me that none of the technology was new to me, in fact I’d been around it for 35 plus years. “I can build one of those” I thought to myself, so for nearly a year, I researched, studied, asked questions on‘s emdrive forum and build my first working emdrive in the summer of 2015.



That Fall, I tested the unit at home and observed what NASA and other designers had reported. Motion without the use of expended propellant. Although the force was small, I immediately recognized the potential use for the emdrive: the exploration of deep space; humanity’s chance to visit the cosmos and guarantee that we will not go extinct on this planet on which we were born. The possibilities were mind numbing.



In 2016, I have completed my Phase II design, build and soon, I will test. My goal was to build a more robust mechanical design that provides 100 times the force of what I observed last year. With the help of many regular people who donated to my project, Phase II or NSF-1701A will soon take flight here on earth. Tomorrow? Perhaps it’s the stars.



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