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Richard’s Items

  1. It Took Hours, and Lots of Confusion, Before a Judge Declared Scalia Dead Over the Phone [News]
  2. Exact Cause of Scalia’s Death Still Unclear [News]

Eric’s Items

1. natal-chart 2. Murder-for-Profit-document 3. pdf2-cover

4. monsanto 5.


Eric Francis Coppolino

Eric-Francis-CoppolinoWebsites: Planet Waves FM, Planet Waves Members

Eric Francis Coppolino is the editor of Planet Waves and host of Planet Waves FM, a weekly astrology webcast affiliated with the Pacifica Radio Network. Since beginning as an astrologer in the mid-1990s, Eric has enjoyed a dual career as a widely-published horoscope writer and a personal consultant specializing in business and the arts. He is a pioneer in mapping the psychology of the newly-discovered planets (Chiron, Eris and others).

He came to astrology after a long career as an award-winning investigative reporter, specializing in fraud cases related to chlorine based toxins — dioxin, PCBs and pesticides. In addition to serving Marie Claire as its astrologer, Eric also writes for and is a faculty member at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

Carol Van Strum

Carol-Van-StrumCarol Van Strum is a front-line environmental activist involved with the banning of Agent Orange; best American mind on the history of dioxin and PCBs; author of A Bitter Fog (1983, 2015), specialist in Monsanto, Westinghouse, GE, Dow Chemical and the EPA.

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