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Websites: Searl MagneticsSearl Solution    

Jason Verbelli is an independent researcher and experimenter. His focus is the work of Professor John Searl, Water “Structurizers”, suppressed sciences and addressing misconceptions in mainstream models. His uplifting ideology is refreshing. For the past 8 years, Jason has dedicated himself to presenting information that isn’t mentioned in mainstream news or even many libraries.

From Jason:  “Ever since I was a young child, I’ve been interested in the mystery of magnets, static electricity, and bridging science with spirituality. From spending time with monks at the Shaolin Temple in China, to meeting with PhD level scientists, I’ve developed a strong understanding of physics rooted in philosophy. I’ve known since I was 4 years old that there was more to harnessing energy with our own bodies. Being a witness to UFOs and through years of personal research into suppressed technologies, I also became convinced that much of the science and history we know is severely incorrect and even, at times, akin to disinformation. One of my passions is creating water structurizers. This technology can revolutionize how we interact with our environment, each other, and ourselves. Along with developing water structurizers, I believe we can, right now, develop sufficiently advanced technology to make Star Trek and many Hollywood Sci-Fi adventures seem primitive in comparison. We have the ability to reverse nuclear radiation, clean the water and air, and even understand phenomena like telekinesis. Bringing these modern technologies and ancient understandings to the public is a crucial key to unlocking our own freedom.”

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