The latest NASA images of “human” artifacts on Mars, and the most recent terrestrial archeological evidence, both increasingly suggest that “Homo Sapiens” — or, at least some ancient sub-group — “recently” came back to Earth– 

From Mars. 

Tonight, my “citizen scientist” friend and colleague in this decades-long research, Ron Gerbron will be discussing “when” that most momentous “immigration” in the history of planet Earth might have occurred … and what our “great-great Martian grandmothers'” Earth arrival may have looked like … “way back when.” 

Welcome to the wonders and the evidence we have assembled, of a once “inhabited Mars” — and a preview of our latest, soon-to-be-published volume on this extraordinary possibility:

“Hidden Mars: A War in Heaven ….” 

A documented journey “back through Martian time” … to an era when some of us — so the evidence now increasibngly suggests — were, literally– 



Richard C. Hoagland


Show Items



2- Manned Expedition 



3-  Face-Surveyor-Odyssey-3-D-comp




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Ron Gerbron’s Items:          Click on Images to Enlarge

1-  Classic



2-   MRO ruins



3-    Lunar Ruins


4- WTF



5- 0796MR0034830000500185E01 section



6-  Zoomorphs



7-  Pathfinder and head



8-  Favorite Faces



9-  Fish



10-  1P45816-257_pair



11-  MER Triplets




12-  Sol 0957 from pan



13-   MRO vs Exo




14-   Dendera_light






Ron Gerbron

Ron Gerbron

Proudly uncredentialed Polymath with a life long fascination with Archeology. 



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  1. A Df says:

    test 3 / TEST WORKING 🙂

  2. A D says:

    new test comment

  3. Leonard Valeo says:

    Speaking of arcologies, Keith Laney posted an incredible Gigapan of Pluto (New Horizons) on Facebook tonight. Take a look.

  4. shane says:

    picture #4 with the putative skull with the lower ‘jaw’, the corresponding ‘ upper jaw’ has ‘molars’ just where you would expect them

  5. Jovienn says:

    Egyptians do things in 3’s? “Ramans do everything in threes” – Rendezvous With Rama

  6. Aeryn says:

    Is tonight’s topic about Mars or academia?

  7. The notion that humans once lived on Mars long ago was touched upon in the Law of One material channeled in 1981. ( What do you think of this specific information? Thank you

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