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Imagine you walk out to your driveway (or parking lot …) one evening, get into your car–
And lift off … for a dinner on the Moon!
Impossible, you say?
NOT if your “car” is actually a space vehicle/aircraft as well … capable of being sealed (like any private jet) with its own internal atmosphere, and DOESN’T depend on rockets (or vast amounts of rocket fuel!) to leave the Earth … and return ….
THAT’S our show tonight.
A remarkable exploration of the Boeing Company’s (yes, the folks who make BIG airplanes for a living …) years-long secret Project … to develop a working alternative to “rockets”
A genuine “inertial space drive.”
Which — without rockets (and their greedy guzzling of thousands of tons of fuel per launch) — could one day (and, in the not-too-distant-future!)–
Take ANYONE who wants to “have dinner under Earthrise”–
To the Moon!
My guest tonight, Mike Gamble, is the former head of Boeing’s exotic “Research and Development Laboratory.”  While there, he actually directed a team of Boeing engineers to put together a rocketless “space drive” for the Boeing Company … which ultimately WORKED!
And … he’s going to describe tonight how YOU can too!
The ultimate in “citizen science.”
Join us ….
Richard C. Hoagland

Show Items

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Mike Gamble’s Items:

1-  Boeing CMG  15-00051-EOT  LARGE GYRO TEST ARTICLE (front view)

2-  Mechanical Propulsion Systems:Dean Drive



3–   Mechanical Propulsion Systems: Gyros


4–   Mechanical Propulsion Systems:



5–   Mechanical Propulsion Systems:



6-  Mechanical VS Electrical Systems:  CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE



7-  Electrical Propulsion Systems:   Electric (Tesla) Motor



8-  Electrical Propulsion Systems:   AC EM Space Drive




9- STUDY of GRAVITY Space Propulsion and Energy Science International Forum






11-  Tesla’s Resonate Electric Car Motor 









Mike Gamble

Mike Gamble began his engineering career as an auto mechanic, later earning his bachelor’s degree in electronics from Northrop Institute of Technology, Inglewood, CA, where he graduated “magna cum laude” in 1978. Following graduation, Mike worked for a number of small electronics firms, where he designed and integrated a variety of wood products and automotive systems, even receiving recognition from the US Defense Department’s Director of Research and Engineering for his field service work in Melbourne, Australia — literally saving an F-18 test program.

Gamble was recruited by The Boeing Company, in Seattle, WA, in 1985 — subsequently serving as a Principal (Electronics) Engineer at Boeing for the next 30 years. In that capacity, Mike worked on a wide range of classified and unclassified programs — including commercial aircraft, military systems and aerospace. Mike’s last company position was managing a Boeing Research and Development (R&D) lab — working on a variety of “traditional” and “exotic” aircraft and aerospace technologies.

Now retired, Mike is a widely published author on “energy and space propulsion systems,” pursuing his hands-on love of engineering through select “citizen science” projects in his own home laboratory. Mike and his wife, Ellen — proud parents of two college-age children, Steven and Delores — currently live on a small, working farm in Puyallup, WA.

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