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Richard’s Items

1. China urges calm after North Korea ‘shocks the world’ with nuclear test







2. Government asks for pause in construction of part of North Dakota pipeline amid protests







3. SpaceX is investigating a mysterious ‘bang sound’ just seconds before its rocket exploded









4. Two years after tragedy, Virgin Galactic has finally launched another space shuttle







5. Larry King: Trump camp’s explanation for Russian TV interview ‘stretches it’








7. Mission to asteroid a ‘go’ for Thursday launch











8. NASA’s EM Drive Passes Peer Review, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up – Universe Today









Greg’s Items

Explosion of SpaceX Dragon-9 Rocket
I checked the alignments for the time of the explosion (9:07 AM EDT, 1 September 2016) of the SpaceX rocket and Amos-6 satellite.
From Titusville, FL: Sirius plus 44º above South horizon.
From Beijing, China: Alnitak minus 44ºbelow NE horizon,
Aldebaran minus 19.5º below NE horizon.
From London (Greenwich Observatory): Sun plus 44º above SSW horizon.
From Jerusalem (Yerushalayim): Orion’s Belt Stars minus 33º below WNW horizon.
From Berlin: Orion’s Belt Stars minus 11 below West horizon,
Regulus plus 39º above SW horizon,
Sun plus 39º above SW horizon,
Moon plus 38º above SW horizon (same day as “ring of fire” solar eclipse over Africa).
From San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina: Mintaka plus 44º above NW horizon, Sun plus 19.5º above ENE horizon.
From Washington DC: no significant alignments.
From Giza, no significant alignments.
From Moscow: no significant alignments.
From Los Angeles (the home of SpaceX): no significant alignments.
From  Denver, (home of arch rival, ULA – United Launch Alliance): no significant alignments
Note: this article claims the (Israeli-built) satellite cost US$ 195 million, (19.5), while other articles placed the price at $200 million.

Photo 1:








OSIRIS REx Launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida
8 September 2016 7:05 pm EDT
From Titusville, FL : Sirius minus 61º below western horizon,
Orion’s Belt Stars: Mintaka  minus 60º below NNW horizon,
Alnilam minus 60.5º below NNW horizon, Alnitak minus 61º below NNW horizon.

3. The culprit of road accident on Kutuzovsky pleaded guilty in the death of the best driver of the President
4. In an accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow killed the driver of property administration of President

greg-ahrensGreg Ahrens is an Associate of ENTERPRISE MISSION, having collaborated with Richard C. Hoagland on several papers beginning with an investigation of the Norway Spiral in 2009.

“I became interested in Space at an early age, and watched the early Project Mercury launches on TV in grade school. My youngest brother was born on the same day as John Glenn’s first American orbital flight. My father was a mathematician and systems analyst for a major aerospace corporation and I was an avid reader of my dad’s Aviation Week & Space Technology magazines.”

Ahrens served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam Era. He studied Political Science, and Spanish and Spanish-American Language and Literature at the University of Missouri- St. Louis. After working at a number of varied jobs he finally earned a B.A. in “Individual Studies” at Columbia College in Columbia, MO.

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  1. PungoWookie says:

    I thought the recording of Jupiter’s magnetic field sounded like the sound effects from Forbidden Planet.

    After watching the film again I guess I was mistaken. I did, however, catch and interesting coincidence in the dialogue. As Morbius is explaining the Krell power plant to Commander Adams and the doctor he says that the machine has 7800 levels and there are another 400 like it. 7800 / 400 = 19.5

  2. john halpin says:

    …please see video at solari.com about ufo s…….begins with iranian news report that u.s is working with or for extra terrestrials……..thank you

  3. RocketMan says:

    3. He’s not a fan of Donald Trump…
    Despite saying he gets involved in politics “as little as possible,” Musk did say he really doesn’t want Trump to get the Republican nomination. “I don’t really have strong feelings except that hopefully Trump doesn’t get the nomination of the Republican party.”
    When asked about government corruption though, he said he didn’t think there was as much as some people think, at least at higher levels of government. “On balance I guess it’s not that corrupt because if it was corrupt than SpaceX wouldn’t have a chance,” he said.

    “The greater the level of visibility, the less corruption there is… basically, how much attention people are paying, that defines how much corruption there is.”

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