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 The Top 37 Covid-Prison Universities

We are told that there is a deadly pandemic that necessitates prison-like controls and surveillance in our universities. Yet the statistics tell a different story. Questionable tests have generated over 48,000 so-called “positive” results but there have been only 2 hospitalizations and zero deaths in the 37 universities surveyed. Furthermore, we don’t even know if those two hospitalizations had anything at all to do with Covid-19. Does this really look like a deadly pandemic worthy of a lockdown or some kind of diabolical scam?

IT’S A SCAM: After 48,299 COVID-19 Cases at 37 US Universities – Only 2 Hospitalizations and ZERO Deaths — More Likely to Be Killed By a Dog

There have now been 48,299 coronavirus cases reported at 37 universities in the United States. Of those cases there have been ONLY 2 hospitalizations. And there have been ZERO DEATHS! They couldn’t even sneak in a cancer victim into their counts because no one died! Via Dr. Andrew Bostom: 9/22/20 update on C19 among students…



• Germany – The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee – Conference



• Dr. Lisa Koche MD – What Facebook keeps taking down…
 Listen to her heartfelt plea.


Florida Physician, Dr. Lisa Koche says the cure is available and she has 8,000 patients, is triple board-certified with no marks against in her medical record.. yet the CVS pharmacist is telling her she cannot prescribe the cure!

That it is an over-the-counter drug in Iran and many countries around the world….and has been used for 65 years safely. She says they are making false tests by using exaggerated doses to alter the data.



Doctors gather at Capitol to defend hydroxychloroquine. Frontline doctors from across the US held a “White Coat Summit” on Monday in Washington DC to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding the Coronavirus. 

What does Big Pharma NOT want you to see? Taken down by  Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Big Tech commits MEDICAL TREASON by censoring doctors’ video revealing covid-19 CURE being suppressed by Big Pharma / Big Science fraudsters

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• Dr. Daniel Erickson reporting on the status of Hospitals and Clinics in California and across the country …in this Covid ‘Crisis’



•  Dr. Erickson Interviews Dr. Wittkowski
California based Doctor continues to speak out





• Dr. Kaufman – Chromosome 8 and the SARS-COV2 PCR test



• Dr Rashid Battar Channel /  The Covid-19 conspiracy



•  Nobel prize-winning scientist Prof Michael Levitt: lockdown is a “huge mistake”…More Clarity

Nobel prize winning scientist Prof Michael Levitt: lockdown is a “huge mistake”


• Richie Allen Show / Piers Corbyn Interview
Reading between the line, Uk Government announces the widespread lockdown is unnecessary…

The Richie Allen Radio Show – Tuesday May 12th 2020


•  Dr. Judy Mikovits on Bat-to-Human Transmission

Dr. Judy Mikovits said recently that for a MUTATION to occur NATURALLY to allow the virus to jump from bat to human it would take about 500 years of natural mutations. She therefore concluded that there must have been human-laboratory intervention for that MUTATION to have occurred so quickly.


Her breakthrough came in 2013, when she collected a sample of bat feces from a cave in Yunnan province which was found to contain a virus that was 96.2 percent identical to SARS CoV-2, the virus that caused COVID-19. Shi’s team then worked to alter parts of the coronavirus in order to analyze whether they could be transmitted from one species to another. Two years later, in 2015, in research conducted in conjunction with the University of North Carolina, Shi’s lab reached the conclusion that the SARS-like virus could jump from bats to humans and that there was no known treatment.




•  Coronavirus survivors banned from joining the military



• Nurse reveals the REAL Cause of many of the ‘so-called’ Covid-19 deaths.



• Expert Testimony Before Senate Contradicts Media’s COVID-19 Narrative:



• Tanzania COVID-19 lab head suspended as president questions data:


• Sweden took a softer COVID-19 approach. Has it been effective?:

Sweden took a softer COVID-19 approach. Has it been effective?



  Dr. Ioannidis on Why We Don’t Have Reliable Data Surrounding COVID-19:



•  London Real / Dr Rashid Battar

Controversial, but was it edited before being shared 3 hrs later than originally planned ?


•  London Real / Dr Andrew Kaufman


•  Richie Allen / Dr Andrew Kaufman / Mads Palsvig



• Amazing Polly Exposes the Global Medical Mafia Protection Racket:



•   Dr. Rima – Essential Listening


Fake Coronavirus Data, Fear Campaign. Spread of the COVID-19 Infection



Coronavirus – The Aftermath. A Coming Mega-Depression…



NATO in Arms to “Fight Coronavirus”


COVID-19  •  Masks  •  Vaccines  •  Health  •  Regulatory Agencies  •  Plandemic & the Global Takeover  •  Protests •  Big Brother  •  5G / Telecommunications  •  Mind Control  •  Fake News