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  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Rudy  –  Joe  –  Michael  –  Ron  –  Andrew Fast links to Bios:  Rudy   –   Joe  –  Andrew  –  Michael  –  Ron   Support The Other Side of Midnight! New Government UFO Hearings (Finally …) Begin! Part I Welcome to “Disclosure Weekend!!” On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, the first public Congressional Hearings into UFOs in over fifty years — being held by the House Intelligence Committee’s “Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterproliferation” Sub-Committee — will begin, broadcast live on both on C-Span and the Internet. As background to these first “UFO congressional hearings” in more than half a century, “The Other Side of Midnight” is devoting 6 hours of conversation, on two successive nights this weekend, to this crucial, potentially paradigm-shattering opening congressional UFO event … even as the largest land war in Europe in more than 77 […]

TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Ron  –  Robert Fast links to Bios:  Ron  –  Andrew  –  Robert  –  Keith   Support The Other Side of Midnight! Meanwhile … Back on Mars! Part III ‘Otherworldly’ wreckage captured in new photos from NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter ….” So read “sci-fi-like” headlines around the world just a couple days ago — after NASA”s amazing electric Martian helicopter named “Ingenuity,” on its 26th flight over Jezero Crater, snapped a series of spectacular aerial images of a 15-foot-wide piece of critical Perseverance rover “flight hardware” … a deliberately discarded section (called “the backshell” …) — lying where it fell, a couple miles northwest of the initial Percy landing site. Ingenuity’s stunning images captured the whitish cone-shaped NASA artifact sitting just feet from its own 70-foot-wide, red-striped “supersonic” parachute — that had successfully slowed and lowered both the backshell, […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Andrew  –  Ron  –  Keith Fast links to Bios:  Andrew  –  Ron  –  Keith Support The Other Side of Midnight! Percy — One Year After  A Few of Its Most AMAZING Martian Confirmations …. NASA’S Perseverance rover landed on Mars exactly one year ago … plus one day … tonight. So tonight, we are presenting “Percy’s” best and most fascinating confirmations of our decades-long Enterprise Mission “Extraterrestrial Intelligence Hypothesis– That — a long, long time ago, a series of “ancient human civilizations” once lived and developed — independent of the Earth — on Mars …. Before … in the face of an ultimately dying, war-torn world … and an inhospitable surrounding solar system … the remaining refugees finally migrated from the Red Planet one last time … to the one place in the entire solar system where “naked” humans could survive– To Earth. […]

Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – David Fast links to Bios: David – Bruce   Support The Other Side of Midnight! “How do you talk to an ET?” That is our question for tonight — given that, after our first “radio test transmissions” to ‘Oumuamua last Saturday night, we received a MULTITUDE of unexpected “signals” in return– Ranging from the sudden appearance of actual aerial VEHICLES … flashing in and out of space directly over our transmitting antenna in northern Arizona, to strange, coded audio “clicks” … heard (and recorded) on multiple sets of hand-held “walkie-talkie” radios both in Arizona … and over a thousand miles away, in Southern Canada! And, confounding the problem of “identifying the Source” … most of these came well before (like, HOURS …) any normal “speed-of-light return transmissions” expected from ‘Oumuamua itself. So tonight, we’ve changed the gameplan:] Well BEFORE our going “live,” we’re transmitting […]

  Guest Page Fast links to Items: Richard – Jon – Andrew – Ron Fast links to Bios: Jon – Andrew – Ron – Keith   Support The Other Side of Midnight! “NASA Calls for New Scientific Framework in Search for Extraterrestrial Life ….” So read the headlines a few days ago … just AFTER the current head of NASA — NASA Administrator Bill Nelson — gave a mainstream address to the University of Virginia’s prestigeous “Center for Politics,” an address in which he stated (in a VERY “Emiliy Dickinson fashion …”) that the current Senate interest in the “UAP [UFO] phenomenon” either involves a “Top Secret military program, perhaps by one of our adversaries … or … it could be ‘someone else ….’” Like– Genuine ETs …. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “In politics … there is NO SUCH THING as ‘coincidence’ ….” So, is NASA suddenly calling for “a […]