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  Trump Administration Suddenly Announces Return of American Astronauts to the Moon … Before End of President Trump’s Second Term! Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: https://youtu.be/G7rLvWy8Ih0     Welcome to our Apollo 11 “50-Year Anniversary Weekend!” Tonight (and tomorrow night …), not only are we going to nostalgic look back at Apollo 11 — Neil’s incredibly historic “One Small Step …” — we’re going to SHOW you (via “Radio with Pictures”) what NASA never quite got around to showing all the rest of us back then– Bona fide, millions-of-years-old, “ancient ET ruins on the Moon ….” I guarantee you, after you spend time with us this Saturday and Sunday night– Looking at the Moon will NEVER be the same for you again …. Join us– To find out, first-hand, “What NASA has been hiding from all Americans — if not the world — for over 50 […]

Last night, the billions of occupants of Earth’s Eastern Hemisphere were treated to a sight that will stand unique for the rest of the 21st Century: The Longest Lunar Eclipse for the next 100 years …. Tonight — on “The Other Side of Midnight” — we will talk with Dr. Sam Osmanagich, the archaeologist who discovered the massive, controversial “Bosnian Pyramid” … and later, discovered that the Pyramid is emitting an extraordinary “vertical radio beam” — directly upward fro the apex, into space … whose 28khrtz signal gets LOUDER the higher you are above the Pyramid! Last night, at my request, Sam “listened” to this incfre4dibly “impossible” Bosnian Pyramid Radio Beam — before, during and after the Eclipse! Tonight — Sam will tell us what he “heard” …. Join us.     Show Items Richard’s Items: SPECIAL GUEST TONIGHT! – Radio Host Clyde Lewis   1- The wildfire ravaging California created an insane-looking […]