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    Show Items Richard’s Items: Farewell to Joseph Patrick Skipper of Marsanomalyresearch.com. November 30, 1942 – January 09, 2018 Joseph was a loving husband and a very private man whose passion for Mars Anomalies drove him to share his finds with his colleagues and the world. His enthusiasm for the work inspired many and has contributed to the groundswell of attention given to this important part of our history. We take a moment to reflect on his contributions…his labor of love. Thank you Joseph Patrick Skipper!       Dr. Tom Valone’s Items:  Click here to view the Modern Meditation slideshow    1-  Modern meditation chapter recent activity on Research Gate     2-       3-  Dr. Thoma Valone on the History Channel     4-  Dr. Valone explaining at Meditation at the Global BEM     5-     6-       7-       8- CLICK ON IMAGE […]

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Many Thanks to Chris Spell – a 19.5 member who graciously volunteered to create and host our podcast. Click Here Note: Only Members have access to the Podcast. All new shows in the membership archives and podcast will be free of commercials and sound enhanced.   Critics have long claimed that one of the key reasons for the decades-long, official US government cover-up of UFOs … has to do with “ET game-changing technologies” — relentlessly suppressed for over 70 years, both in the interest of “national security” … and in “protecting the oil companies’.” Tonight, we’re going to critically investigate such “breakthrough technologies” … and their demonstrated ability to provide civilization with truly radical, almost unimaginable improvements in the lives of “ordinary humans” — from limitless, non-polluting energy … to true “anti-gravity” … to effective human immortality! Join us — and find out if the Pentagon’s recent official admission to the “reality of […]