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  Richard’s Items: 1. ‘Spirit Of History’ : House Democrats Hold Sit-In On Gun Control 2. Who’s The Enemy – The “End of Days” Begun?      Dr. Barrett’s Items: 1. “Spontaneous” Charlie Hebdo demonstration – 5 million people, identical mass-produced signs!     2. Video: People dressed up as “terrorists” pretend to shoot a police officer with an AK-47. They purposely aim to miss the officer. A cotton or paper blank round kicks up a little dust a meter from the officer’s head. Yet the French government and world media insist that this is a real shooting. 3. I was passing through Paris and flew home to Wisconsin on the afternoon of Friday, November 13th, just before the second huge 2015 French false flag.  I published this book on January 7th 2016, less than two months later.     4. Omar Mateen’s father Seddique Mateen is CIA – just like the Tsarnaev […]