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Guest Page Fast links to Items:   Marc  –  Richard   Fast links to Bios:  Marc   Trump Administration Suddenly Announces Return of American Astronauts to the Moon … Before End of President Trump’s Second Term! Find Out “Why” Here: Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer: https://youtu.be/G7rLvWy8Ih0 Mars …. The very name evokes an aura of “romance, exotica and mystery” unparalled in the history of science …. For well over a hundred years — since the late 1800’s, and the pioneering observations of towering figures like “Lowell” and “Schiaparelli” — astronomers … and all the rest of us … became obsessed with Mars …. As the century proceeded, and then moved into the next, every new astronomical discovery associated with “the Red Planet” became entangled with the fledgling efforts to create a true “planetary science” of the solar system — from fleeting glimpses of “canals … marching out across its ochre […]